Oshie’s Hit On Penner

As requested by someone, here’s T.J. Oshie’s huge hit on Dustin Penner in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinal series between the Blues and the Kings.

After the game, Penner tweeted: “Anybody catch the license plate of that truck? #ithinkitstartswitha7”

He also told reporters today: “It was a great hit. It actually felt good it was so pure.”

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    Looked pretty clean to me! How does Penner expect to compete with somebody that played hockey for UND, when he played for Minot-Bottineau University Lumberjacks! J/K
    I know he played for Maine and helped lead them to the National Championship in 2003-04. Read his story if you don’t know him, it is quit interesting what he went through to get to the NHL and become a mainstay there.

  2. Colin

    Cool – two guys that played college hockey in N.Dakota going hard in the Stanley Cup playoffs! It was a GREAT, clean hit. It just drives me nuts that players seem to think they have to challenge a guy to a fight after he makes a good solid hit. I think Penner’s comments were excellent and in the spirit of the game. He took a good hit, got up and skated away. He saw no need to try and fight Oshie after the hit. A good sport about it all. Too bad others in the NHL wouldn’t act the same way.

  3. BleedGreen

    Great hit, great players. I don’t understand the stigma related to college hockey and the NHL. Their are over 120 college players playing in the NHL playoff’s, that’s including teams that lost in the first round. Many of those college players are the catalyst’s of their teams, including captains and assistant captains. The OHL reminds me of a bunch of frustrated former politicians still wanting to screw someone over, promise these kids the world with no safety net….

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