UND Announces Eades Out As Assistant

UND announced this afternoon that the contract of associate coach Cary Eades will not be renewed for next season.

From the release:

“Cary has provided tremendous leadership to our program and to the individuals within our program,” Hakstol said, “and I truly appreciate the loyalty and dedication he has demonstrated throughout his time at North Dakota. At this point in time, I felt a need to redefine and restructure the roles and duties within our coaching staff. There are no additional, underlying reasons for my decision, which was an extremely difficult one to make.”

During his eight years as a member of Hakstol’s staff, Eades helped lead the Sioux to six seasons of 25-plus victories, five NCAA Frozen Four appearances, four WCHA Final Five championships and two MacNaughton Cup titles as WCHA regular season champions. Eades coached UND’s defensemen and power play, and also served as the program’s recruiting coordinator.

“I am very appreciative of the past eight years at the University of North Dakota and am very proud of my contributions to the team’s success that we’ve enjoyed. Winning some form of a championship – WCHA league, WCHA playoff or NCAA regional – in each season is a testament to that,” Eades said. “I can also hold my head high knowing that our shelves are stocked with talent for next year’s team and beyond.

“I am a much better person and hockey coach because of this experience and I truly appreciate all of the current and former players, coaches, administration, alumni and, of course, our loyal, diehard Sioux fans for their part in my personal growth. It’s now time for me to look forward and pursue other career opportunities, and embrace the challenges that lie ahead in my life.”

Eades’ association with UND hockey extends well beyond his most recent stint as assistant and associate head coach. Eades previously was an assistant coach for the 1987 NCAA and WCHA champion Sioux while serving as a member of former UND head coach John “Gino” Gasparini’s staff for seven seasons from 1984-91.

“I learn from the people I work with, and I’ve learned a lot from Cary,” Hakstol said. “He’s been an outstanding friend and coach to work with.”

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  1. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    You just don’t suddenly drop a respected assistant from as successful a coaching staff as this one has been. Not sure how the MSU attempt plays into this but it certainly seems to.

    Brad, hopefully you will have some additional reporting on this aside from the prepared statements.

  2. Josh

    Asolutely shocking! I hate to see him go as I know he is a great recruiter and bleeds Sioux green. Good luck, coach!


    Great coach, class act as he leaves too. Great guy. Wonder who will be a new asst, Karl? Also, what about the players that he recruited, chance of anything changing with any of them?

  4. Osh74

    Eades is great! Something needed to be tweaked and this was that I guess. Thanks for all hard work cary and best of luck! Steve Johnson or Hrkac or the best option would be brad berry but he may be in line for a NHL job soon

    1. chomper

      Hrkac? Rw77, is that you? have you ever heard of concordia in wisconsin? I realize it was a start from scratch program but come on.

  5. TZ

    Any chance Eades could be leaving to help start the Midget AAA team through the Hockey Academy?

  6. In the biz

    Interesting timing as former Sioux Dane Litke just stepped down as the coach of the Janesville (WI) Jets of the NAHL. After several succesfull seasons starting the program from scratch. Does he return to UND to fill the spot.

  7. Robert Zimmerman

    I can’t help but to think that there are additional, underlying reasons for Hakstol’s decision.

  8. onesioux

    Best of luck to Coach Eades, I know he’ll have a new job in no time. Hope the change shakes things up a bit and helps the program move forward.

  9. Seattle51

    I hope he gets the Director of Hockey Operations for the new conference. Best of luck in whatever you do Mr. Eades…..

  10. JMSioux

    Coach Hakstol clearly has a replacement already in hand. Who is it? When he got his contract he expounded on how important the coaching staff was. He can’t possibly go very long without the associate head coach.

  11. Drew

    I’m in Shock… Don’t understand at all! I figured if Hack ever left Eades would be the go to guy for the Head spot. What happened? Need some more information, please!!

  12. HockeyNut

    Wow, nice one Hakstol, you don’t win nationals so you blame it on your long time assistant coach? You are a creep as always and your ego is out of control. Cary does bleed green and this was a huge mistake and insult to him. It also has nothing to do with MSU. Cary will grab another position in no time because he is a great coach and deserves better than being your “Associate” anyway. Just another reason to hate the Sioux.

  13. Dustin

    I can’t help but think that Eades will go to Omaha under Blais’ remaining time, and then be the head coach. Omaha HC will be an even better stint than Mankato.

  14. SM

    I hope and wish nothing but the best for Coach Eades in his future career endeavors. I really hope Coach Eades, if he so chooses, receives an opportunity to be a Head Coach at the D I level. He deserves a shot at being a Head Coach at the D I level. He has been a fixture of Fighting Sioux Hockey for a long time and he will be missed. Thank you Coach Eades for your dedication, commitment, and hard work. You are a Fighting Sioux through and through… always will be.

  15. dcSIOUXfan

    I would venture to guess that this had more to do with Coach Eades contract renewal than anything else. I’m sure there was a gap between Eades’ own valuation of his contribution to the program and the budgeted salary for the position.

  16. Viking1

    Weird; methinks I smell something else brewing. Perhaps you could dig a little deeper, Mr Schlossman?

  17. sue fan

    Wow, I am shocked so many of you were shocked by this. Do you not follow your team and what goes on. Eades was a candidate for MSU Mankato. Hakstol just signed for a whole bunch more money and the simple thing is to realease the next highest paid coach. Good luck to Eades and Hakstol can keep up his lack of title run.

  18. Bill

    Schlossman won’t do any real reporting here as to not jeopardize his ties to the current hockey program, i.e. the Kristo incident.

      1. Viking1

        LOL!! Dont worry; no good deed (or job well done) shall go unpunished by the teeming cyber minions….. 🙂

      2. JMSioux

        Excellent reporting….Schlossman GFH Story Eades out as Sioux assistant. So much for the panty-waist people who criticized BES.

      3. if you love the game

        Please everyone for the respect of the program and the game, let the only drama be during hockey games. Follow Brad’s lead.

    1. Sioux Fan

      Yeah that would have been smart! Dig into a medical/family issue just for a story, loose the trust of the players, coaches and parents and then you get zero access to the players and program for future stories. Remember these are young and sometimes immature kids not professional athletes….they will make mistakes and you leave it at that. Brad is likely the most read author at the Herald and is smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds him. Remember he has a boss to answer too….he’s not freelance.

    2. Bill I find it funny that would attack Schloss that way, that comment was bush-league and unwarranted, the guy is solid and doesn’t have to answer to some petty fan that probably cheers for the Gophers.

    1. northdasotan

      I second that. Brad is probably the best college hockey beat writer in the country.

      Best of luck to Eades, as a fan I always enjoyed listening to him and hope UND didn’t make a mistake.

      Brad, will you keep us posted on where Eades lands?

  19. Wayne

    This comes as a complete shock. My wife and I have known “Mr. Eades” for a long time, from his playing days and throughout his coaching tenures in juniors and high school. He is nothing but a class act. He always took the time to converse with me even when my son played for an opposing team. This is indeed a “black day” for UND hockey. Coach Hakstol comes across as smug and arrogant whereas Mr. Eades added sensibility and coolness. He will be greatly missed.

    1. Viking1

      Have to agree re: “Mr Eades”. Having played against him back in the day, I can attest to the efficacy of his on-ice performance. It certainly seems to have carried over into his coaching career, as I’m sure it will continue to do wherever he may land. Good luck in the future…..

  20. WesternSioux

    Truly shocking! We all felt like orphans when Dean left, but we continued on, as we will do again. Best of luck Coach Eades!

  21. peter blunt

    Speaking of Blais, I wonder how long before Cary is hired down in Omaha? It won’t be long..just wait and see.

  22. Tired

    As surprising and even upsetting as this is to those of us die hard Sioux fans it may be the best thing for Coach Eades. Fact is Coach Hak has never won the big one and appears to be content to give Coach Woog a run for his money! This liberation will be the next step for Coach Eades’ trek to a head coaching opportunity (within 7 years).

      1. Tired

        I was referring to the head coaches recent six year contract at UND, and that if Coach Eades had aspirations for that position they would be seven years out.

  23. Jim Aadland

    If the MSU-Mankato job is out, I could definitely see him behind the bench of the Moorhead Spuds with Dave Mornville stepping down. He’d make a great Head Coach with one of the premier High School hockey programs in the state of Minnesota. I hope he gets a shot at it. We’d love to have him down here!

    1. Moorhead Hockey

      Yup, Cary Eades is giving up coaching college hockey to coach for the spuds. I think Moorhead hockey fans fail to realize that nobody really cares about high school hockey. The pay should be comparable too.

      ^I’m with stupid

  24. chomper

    it is quite apparent that none of you were around the first time Eades was an assistant coach for the Sioux. calm and level headed? Really?

  25. chomper

    come back from the ledge. Changes happen. Exhibit a: Minnesota.

    things like this are done in the hopes of bettering the team.

    if dean blais is such a fan of cary eades, why didn’t he hire him when sandelin left for duluth?

  26. BleedGreen

    Fantastic Coach and we will miss you Coach Eades. Class Act. We also know that you will do great whereever you go. This looks financial to me. Hak got an extension and increase, they weren’t willing to increase the bases of all the asst/assoc. head coach. And perhaps, maybe looking for a change in the mojo with some fresh blood. Not a reflection at all to coach Eades. Is it not said that the definition of insanity is staying or doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

  27. Puck Luck

    First of all, Chomper is right on….”sensibility” and “coolness”? Who are you watching?? There isn’t a bigger hot-head around. Also, for those of you that think he’s such an outstanding recruiter, ask around to people that actually are in the know on these things and it may change your opinion. It seems there are some very good pipelines that have dried up at the hands of Coach Eades…

  28. SiouxperKev

    I wonder if Cary squirted Hak in the face with a water bottle when he got the news? 😉

    Good Luck Cary. The sun will shine tomorrow and you will be closer to getting a head coaching job (away from UND). It will all work out.

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