UND Men Announce Team Awards

The Sioux men announced their team awards for the 2011-12 season.

MVP: Brock Nelson
Fido Purpur Award (hard work, determination): Mario Lamoureux
Archie Krum (leadership qualities, high academic standards, athletic excellence): Corban Knight
Tom Hoghaug (freshman with initiative, character, responsibility): Nick Mattson.
Rookie of the year: Michael Parks
Most improved: Carter Rowney
Unsung hero: Ben Blood
Virg Foss 3-star Award: Danny Kristo

6 Responses

  1. SM

    All well deserving of the recognition. Congratulations to these young gentlemen on their awarded achievements.

  2. TorchBearer

    Wish there could be special recognition for every single one of them…
    GLAD to see Nick Mattson receive my family award — The Tom Hoghaug — can Nick pronounce it correctly ?? 🙂

  3. JMSioux

    At one point this past season, Parks was comparable to guys like Parise in number of goals. How did he fare against such players at the end of the season?

  4. JMSioux

    Upon further review, I found the following results for some familiar players’ freshman year stats: Oshie (24, 21, 45), Toews (22, 17, 39), Duncan (16, 20, 36), C Genoway (5, 14, 19), Frattin (4, 11, 15), and Parise (26, 35, 61). Parks was 12, 10, 22. Still he compares favorably to several other key players.

  5. JMSioux

    Unsung Hero award…..glad to see BB get recognized for this. Should have been co-MVP. Had to come in a close second.

  6. Jake

    It’s great to see those players recognized as they are very deserving, but it’s a bit sad that the Team MVP left two years early. The fact that Nelson was voted Team MVP obviously shows how much he meant to the team. I digress, players come and players go, and I’m sure the team will move along just fine without him.

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