Seth Jones Signs With Portland

Seth Jones won’t be coming to UND.

The highly regarded defenseman prospect who was choosing between UND and the WHL signed with the Portland Winterhawks over the weekend. The move was expected after the Winterhawks gained the rights to negotiate with him a couple weeks ago.

Jones could be drafted first or second overall in the 2013 NHL Draft. Jones visited UND during the Bemidji State playoff series.

As a side note, I heard nothing but good things about Jones as a person and how he handled his recruitment (he never committed until his decision was final and he was up front during the decision process).

Jones isn’t far away from playing in the NHL.

UND should still be strong on the blue line with returners Derek Forbort, Andrew MacWilliam, Nick Mattson, Dillon Simpson, Joe Gleason and Andrew Panzarella. The Sioux also will bring in puck-moving defenseman Jordan Schmaltz from the Green Bay Gamblers. If needed, Dan Senkbeil also is a defenseman.

Paul LaDue and Geoff Crisfield will likely come in for the 2013-14 season, though final decisions have not been made.

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  1. northdasotan

    Would have been fun to watch him in a ND jersey. Not a huge loss when you look at the Dmen on the roster and future Dmen coming in. I don’t care how good he is, he is still young and there would have been some growing pains playing against the older and much stronger players. Thats assuming Jones would only be at ND for one year. Just my opinion because I have never watched him play.

  2. Name*

    Not unexpected and not really that disappointed. He would have been a one year player anyway.

  3. Ole the goalie

    Would love to read the details of his contract with Portland to see what UND was up against in an effort to get Jones. Any way that can be dug up?

  4. Jason

    I know it seems like a stretch, but I wonder if video games play a small role in the decision between college and the CHL? These kids in the CHL are in the new NHL games for xbox and playstation. just a thought

  5. crb1

    I had a feeling Seth was going to the “dub”. What I did find surprising was his take on Everett and not really wanting to play for them. Sounds like if he had a choice from Everett or UND he would have chosen UND. I didn’t think he was that down on them.
    I just appreciate the way he handled his process by narrowing down a college but not committing yet still looking at other avenues. I also thank him for considering UND.
    Be interesting to see where he goes in the draft next year.

  6. JMSioux

    The way I read it, SJ could have said any team vs Everett. I don’t think he had any plans to play at UND or in the NCAA. He just didn’t want to play for Everett, and maybe UND was simply the most obvious object of leverage to get Everett to move him. Now its going to be interesting to see what Portland WH’s have to pay Everett now that he’s signed.

    1. Jake

      Agreed. I think his mind was made up long ago. The GM in Everett alluded to the fact that they would rather move him to another WHL team than see him go the NCAA route. UND has been used as leverage before and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was used as leverage in this case.

  7. Seth Jones

    All WHL contracts are ” standard ” , they all contain the same clauses and are filed with the WHL office. There are no additions or money exchanged, it is against the league rules. Seth i think just wants to play 72 – 90 games of hockey, not practice all week and play 32 games in 6 months. Borrrring. You guys make me laught about not missing the guy, you would all cut off your right testicle to have him, then when he gets drafted, claim that he was first overall because he played for the Sioux ! Hypocrites ! One year guy anyway. So was Zajac. Toews 2 years. Nobody slammed them for leaving early.

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