Major Target Center Renovations Coming

One item lost in the hoopla about the Minnesota Vikings getting necessary state funds to build a new stadium is that the stadium bill allows Minneapolis to renovate the Target Center [a quick summary is posted here].

All signs point toward the downtown basketball arena getting $150 million in arena upgrades.

These major renovations have to be music to the ears of the National Collegiate Hockey Conference members, who are close to signing an agreement with the Target Center to make it the home for the postseason NCHC tournament (at least for starters).

There’s a Target Center Renovation website that has as many details as you are going to find on the project that lies ahead. Read all the information here.

By the end of the month, we should know all the details on the NCHC’s postseason tournament plans.

3 Responses

  1. Really!

    When I initially heard this thought someone was being facetious! It’s a basketball venue, and a good one at that, but once you see the X…its hard to take it serious for hockey! NCHC, might as well be called the red haired step child league!

  2. Sioux4ever

    I think the years that the big joke conference is playing in detroit, the NCHC should play at the X and the other years should be played in Denver. Two big markets that will bring in fans.

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