Eades To Coach Sioux Falls In The USHL

Cary Eades has accepted a job as head coach and general manager at Sioux Falls in the USHL.

Eades will replace Kevin Hartzell who was let go last week.

This is Eades’ second stint in the USHL. He coached the Dubuque Fighting Saints from 1991-93 before going to Warroad High School. Dubuque won the championship during his second season.

Last week, it was announced that Eades’ contract was not going to be renewed as an associate head coach for UND — a position he has held for the last eight seasons.

UND has not yet named a replacement.

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  1. siouxfaninbisoncountry

    My initial thoughts are isn’t this a step backwards for Coach Eades and second maybe this will create a “farm system” for UND.

    1. blah blah blah

      Not really. Hakstol was a USHL head coach before taking over the Associate position at UND and eventually was named head coach.

      Other big DI coaches that were USHL Head coaches before becoming DI Head Coaches were: Scott Owens (CC), Mike Hastings (MSUM), Bob Motzko (SCSU)…

      Ok, so no “elite” head coaches (some could argue Hakstol is on the cusp) but it’s not necessarily a step down.

      1. Jimbo

        So you’re agreeing that it is a step backward? You pointed out that Hakstol did that then became an associate, then head coach. Well Eades was an associate and now went back to step 1, no?

  2. SM

    They received one heck of a Coach and hockey mind. I am going to go out on a limb and say Sioux Falls will not finish in last place next year. Best wishes to Coach Eades and the Sioux Falls Stampede Team.

  3. Peter Blunt

    The real news here is that a former Sioux is replacing a former Rodent. Now that is what I call moving in the right direction. Not so sure about the likelyhood of a “farm system” I hope so, but I fear that the parting of the ways may have left some scars.
    Regardless, I do agree that Sioux Falls is getting an excellant hockey coach.


    Had an over under on how long it would take. Over or under 7 days. I took under and I think we pushed.

  5. TM

    Eades just couldn’t accept the possibility of coaching without the nickname. You can’t take the Sioux out of Sioux Falls.


      He wasn’t fired. They just didn’t renew his contract. Restructuring with the coaches he has right now and looking for a guy with NHL experience coaching or playing Defense. (Brad Berry)

        1. Viking1

          And yet he now runs the show in Sioux Falls in less than a week’s time. As I recall, Mr Blais parlayed the coach/GM position at the Fargo Force into the head coaching job at Omaha. I wager that will be the next career move for Mr Eads as well….

        2. Stone

          No. He was not fired. His contract was up and they didn’t renew it. Not fired. It wasn’t like it was midseason. It was an offseason decision that Hak made to pursue someone more defensive minded…. not fired.

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