Berry’s application is in

Brad Berry has officially applied for the vacant men’s hockey assistant coaching position.

In other words: Game over [read full story here].

We won’t hear anything official for a while. The job is posted until May 30, so nobody can be hired for at least 13 days. But, as expected, we know where this is leading.

I searched back to see if any of Berry’s recruits still remain on the team. Everyone on next year’s squad will have committed after Berry left for Manitoba, though Danny Kristo committed just eight days after Berry left UND, so he likely was in on some of that recruiting.

As for others who have thrown their name in the hat? Well, no names I have recognized, though one applicant was a chef at Texas Roadhouse in Michigan. As much as the guys like their Thursday night team meals at steakhouses and would love a guy who can whip up a meal like that during intermissions, I still think they pick Berry over him.

7 thoughts on “Berry’s application is in

  1. How many ridiculous applications do they get?

    I think I’ll apply and put el Jumbo down as my reference. I’ll only need one to get the job.

    • DH is going to get his man! Fantastic! Exciting! And now even more competitive! Stand up and cheer!

      • Hak has what he wants now – time to get it done – no excuses this time

  2. This is awesome!! Way better than Eades! Nice talkin with ya the other day Brad. Andy-Tubs Of Fun

  3. He will fill the job with greatness. Curious on who else has applied for the job. Go Sioux

  4. Still hearing John Hill has an outside chance….he set up Hak’s account as Wells Fargo where he has worked as a personal banker for the the last year…

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