NCAA Announces Rule Changes

This is an offseason where the NCAA is allowed to make rules changes. They announced those rule changes this week and there’s nothing too drastic.

The biggest one — possibly allowing three-quarter visors — still has a few steps in the process to get approved. The rules that will go into play are below with comments.

Overtime: They are allowing 4-on-4 for leagues that want to use it. I’m not really expecting any leagues to go to it. It sounds like there’s not a lot of support for it. It seems strange because college hockey is one of the only leagues in the world where 4-on-4 overtimes are not used.

Kicked-in goals: The rule will now parallel the NHL’s rule. A goal will only be disallowed if there is a “distinct kicking motion.” Therefore, you can now direct the puck in off of your skate.

Hand passes illegal: They are no longer allowed in the defensive zone and you cannot change after it. Not a huge change. I’m sure teams will still gladly take the whistle if a guy is without a stick.

Net dislodgement: It allows some displacement of the net as long as it remains in contact with its pegs. Therefore, if it goes up a half an inch and the puck goes in, the goal counts. The refs have to determine whether the puck would have went in if the net hadn’t gone up in the air. The current rule doesn’t allow for much gray area.

Postgame review of DQs: Currently, if you get a game disqualification in a game, there’s no chance for an appeal, even if the refs get the wrong guy. Once the game sheet is signed, it’s a done deal right now. Starting this season, they will allow reviews of DQs to make sure they are warranted.

There are a few gray areas that go along with the visors that haven’t been clarified yet. Will they go to the NHL rule of 4-minute minors for high sticking penalties that draw blood? That’s TBD.


5 Responses

  1. Roger Federer

    They will still get the kicking rule wrong.

    I’ve seen them get it wrong on both sides in the same game. Thank god we are almost away from the WCHA reffing hierarchy.

  2. blah blah blah

    Do the refs even know what a DQ is?

    With very few exceptions, they rarely call it anyways.

    I love the hand pass rule. They want to increase offense and all they’ll do is decrease the flow of the game and slow it down.

  3. Peter Blunt

    The WCHA officials recognize a “DQ” only as a trip to the Dairy Queen. Without question the worst group in all of college hockey.

  4. Nodak Fan

    I still have a tough time with that rule of directing pucks in with your skate. This isn’t soccer. You have a stick in your hand. That’s what you are supposed to use to direct the puck into the net. Standing in front of the goal and subtly positioning your skate to an angle that allows the puck to change direction and go into the net is not what goal scoring is about. I’m sorry, lack of goals, or not, I don’t like it. Let the referee determine “intent” when reviewing goals off skates. They may get some right and some wrong, but at least the integrity of what a goal should be remains in the rule book.

    1. Sioux Fan Forever

      I think that the clarification is coming from the act of stopping as well. If you direct the puck when in the act of stopping, were you really trying to kick it? I know that there has been a lot of questions about this since the 2007 or 2008 Frozen Four. I believe it was 2008, it was whatever one they let Todd Anderson do the championship game.

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