Matt Greene Wins The Stanley Cup

Matt Greene walked into the Los Angeles Kings locker room Monday night after winning his first Stanley Cup.

Nobody else was in there for the next 15 minutes.

Greene sat down in his locker, had a nice, cold beverage, looked utterly exhausted and enjoyed the moment.

NHL Network detailed that story as the analysts raved about the play of the former Sioux captain.

Not only was Greene his normal shutdown self on Monday night during the Kings’ 6-1 win in Game 6 of the Cup Finals, he even sniped a goal from the point to clinch the victory over the New Jersey Devils.

Greene is the third former Sioux to be one of the captains of a Stanley Cup winning team in the last 13 years, joining Craig Ludwig and Jonathan Toews.

Here’s a column that I wrote about Greene for today’s paper. It details what a vital role he played in turning the Kings from the worst team in the NHL to the best team in the NHL.

Greene doesn’t get a lot of credit because of the style of game he plays, but he was a critical player for the Stanley Cup champions.

Defenseman hits in playoffs

1. Matt Greene, LAK, 77
2. Michael Del Zotto, NYR, 62
3. Anton Volchenkov, NJ, 57
4. Bryce Salvador, NJ, 54

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  1. crb1

    Congrats Matt what a great accomplishment for you. Lots and lots of Sioux fans are very proud and happy for you. It will be interesting to see if Matt brings the cup back to the Ralph. Hats off to Zajac and Parise they were warriors and certainly helped their team make it to the SCF. Excellent year for former sioux in the nhl this year.

  2. G&W in Denver

    Great job Matt! Could not have happened to a better Sioux. It was strange seeing the Devils self destruct last night with stupid plays. I am very happy the Kings won the Cup.

  3. Trickey7

    Way to go Matt, great playoffs! Well deserved and honored to see another Sioux holding the Cup!

  4. Dundeen

    ANybody else think that game changes if they call the check from behind right before Scuderi got hit from behind – even if it is a two minute, the Devils would have had a PP and momentum instead of getting lambasted on that major. Totally different game if that happens. I wasn’t cheering for either team as much as for the former Sioux on both teams, but that was a crucial blown call IMO.

    1. Viking1

      Very possible. The Kings had most of the questionable calls go in their favor (especially against Dave Tippet’s Coyotes), but that’s part of the good fortune involved in a cup-winning run. All in all a great year for former Sioux, and congrats to Matt Greene. What a beast!!

  5. Sioux-per-man

    Nice story about him sitting in the locker room by himself having a cold beverage. Sounds like a player from UND right there!!!

    I hope he makes a pit stop at the RALPH when he has the cup for the day!!!

    Congrats to Matt…… time to get a Greene Jersey for the wall!!!

  6. SM

    Great article Mr. Schlossman. L.A. dominated last night and Mr. Greene certainly was a part. I hope Mr. Greene isn’t the last former “Fighting Sioux” player to be a part of winning the Stanley Cup. The controversial missed and/or no call on the check from behind on Mr. Gionta was unfortunate, but it was the Kings capitalizing on the major penalty power play, with three goals, that lead to the win. The refs are human, they do make mistakes and oversights. The check from behind on Mr. Gionta should have been a penalty. The missed calls and/or no calls are a part of the game. New Jersey played poorly in their attempt to kill the major penalty. Would the game have been different if other penalties were called and.or not called? We can only speculate. One thing is for certain, the L.A. Kings played an aggressive and consistent game last night. The Kings were the better team on the ice last night. Mr. Parise and Mr. Zajac had solid playoff series for New Jersey their futures are bright. Lastly, congratulations to the L.A. Kings and Mr. Greene for winning the Stanley Cup!

  7. Suture

    Congrats Matt, you played like a champion as did your team. I totally think the ref’s screw-up last night had a major impact on the outcome. However, with that being said I do think the Kings were the better team. I was actually surprised to see the Devils win two games….glad they did though….made for more excitement and more hockey. I am curious, was Matt Greene this big while at UND? I don’t recall any of our D looking as big as Green does now…did he put on more weight since leaving UND? Parise and Zajac played well but the kings D was just too much…wow.

    1. Sioux Fan Forever

      Greene is currently listed as 6’3″, 232. He was listed as 6’0″ and 218 his final year at UND. Since then, Smaby was listed as 6’5″, 220 in his final year…Finley was listed at 6’7″, 240-252…Lee was 6’3″, 190-205….LaPoint was 6’3″, 180-205….Fienhage was 6’3″, 214-215…Blood was 6’4″, 212-235…Ryan Hill was 6’3″, 192-202….Forbort was 6’5″, 220…Mac is listed as 6’2″, 230, Senkbeil is 6’4″, 215….Simpson 6’2″, 191.

      Long story short…we have had some tall d-men

  8. Peter Blunt

    Went to see “Hawk” play in Tampa in February. Not only was he physically dominant, he scored an assist as well. The highlight though was when he gave us an acknowledgement (a head nod) during pre-game warmups when he saw the Sioux colors and logo. Glad to see he now has his name etched in hockey history.

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