Brad Berry Officially Hired

As expected, Brad Berry has been officially named the new assistant coach for the Sioux men.

Berry coached UND’s defensemen from 2000-06 before leaving to take a job as the assistant coach of the AHL’s Manitoba Moose. Berry coached recent Stanley Cup champion Matt Greene in college.

Most recently, Berry coached defensemen for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

There will be a media session later today, so hopefully I will have more info at that time.

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  1. Siouxper fan

    Answering the worst kept secret of all time and possibly the most one-sided application process of all time, this story is finally put to bed.

    Welcome home and good luck, Brad!!!

  2. BleedGreen

    Met him for the first time last weekend and seemed like a great guy. Welcome back coach Berry and congratulations!

  3. Tired

    Sounds like a good thing for the green team! But, I already have had to listen to a gopher fan say, “great catch, the defense coach for the last place team in the NHL with the largest goal difference between goals scored and goals against…going to a no name college team!” I am confident the NHL numbers were just a fluke.

    1. Jake

      I’m sorry, but Gopher fans are the last people who should be ragging on another team’s coaching staff. Not too long ago, many UM hockey alumni and fans were begging for Lucia and Hill to be fired. Guetzel’s return did wonders for them this past season.

    2. Bezoar

      Tired, wow a strong toxic baneful attack. At least you have a thought. But it is only a thought and it does not mean it is accurate. UND has a great and honorable tradition which will continue even though some mock. Tired, hopefully you can recognize this and show character and honor to all that strive for mutual respect. Thank you for sharing but now we need to focus on the University of North Dakota’s 8th National NCAA Men’s Hockey Championship.

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