UND’s Stanley Cup Playoff Highlight Reel

Forgive me if the production is lacking, as I have never edited video until today, but here’s my first attempt: UND’s 2012 Stanley Cup Playoff highlight reel.

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    Nice work. Do you think that Zajac’s goal vs Philly in game 2 could be considered somewhat of a Diesel Wrap Around?

  2. Suture

    Man, never get tired of seeing Oshie popping someone. Have you ever seen a kid his size put so many bigger players on their backs like Osh? That kid is so talented….miss getting to see him play.

  3. Sioux-per-man

    Nice work Brad. Time well spent, that is for sure!!!

    Do you think Greene will make a pit stop at the Ralph with the Cup?

  4. Franklin

    Well done, sir. It’s stuff like this that gets me through the 117 days of silence. Can’t wait for next season.

  5. keikla

    I never thought I’d see a highlight reel video in which Matt Greene has the same number of goals as Jonathon Toews.

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