Blues Pick Schmaltz In First Round

UND incoming freshman defenseman Jordan Schmaltz was selected in the first round, No. 25 overall, by the St. Louis Blues on Friday night in the NHL Draft.

Schmaltz is the 10th first-rounder for UND in the last 10 years.

UND coaches Dane Jackson and Brad Berry were there to shake hands with Schmaltz.

UND’s recent first-rounders

2012 — Jordan Schmaltz, No. 25, St. Louis Blues
2010 — Brock Nelson, No. 30, New York Islanders
2010 — Derek Forbort, No. 15, Los Angeles Kings
2006 — Jonathan Toews, No. 3, Chicago Blackhawks
2005 — Joe Finley, No. 27, Washington Capitals
2005 — T.J. Oshie, No. 24, St. Louis Blues
2005 — Brian Lee, No. 9, Ottawa Senators
2004 — Travis Zajac, No. 20, New Jersey Devils
2004 — Drew Stafford, No. 13, Buffalo Sabres
2003 — Zach Parise, No. 17, New Jersey Devils

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  1. SM

    Great for Mr. Schmaltz. Hope he plays 3-4 solid years for the Fighting Sioux and then steps into the NHL and has a long productive career.

    1. northdasotan

      I was thinking because of all the college players on the Blues the management would not push him that way. Some teams, New York Rangers, try to get their picks out of college to the major juniors.

      1. Sioux-per-man

        Not always the case : Rangers have Kreider, Hagelin, McDonugh, and Stepan that are a big part of the core of the young team that played college hockey. And with Skjei going to MN, Nieves going to Michigan this year – I really don’t think it was the Rangers that talked Miller out of attending UND. I think it was his decision, he could had stayed if he wanted to.

        His advantage was that he can attend the Rangers Pro camp, play for the Rangers at the Traverse City Prospects tournament, and get a call up to play for the AHL team at the end of the year. He also qualifies to play for the AHL before he is 20. Now if he makes the team this could, get him a Pro contract a year earlier than playing for the Fighting Sioux.

        I wish he would have played for the Sioux, I think everybody does. But I don’t think you can put all the blame on the Rangers.

        1. northdasotan

          I read somewhere that the Rangers tried to get those players to go the major junior route. I don’t know if it is fact though.

  2. JMSioux

    Skjei drops; Schmaltz rises. Schmaltz: 1, Skjei: 0. Off to a great start to 2012-13! I still am not over Mateau but I will write him off as very bad chemistry! But to think the UND may have had another Archibald, at least in penalty minutes. Probably not the best fit for the UND at this time of finesse and skating priorities

    1. Sioux-per-man

      I was hoping he would have dropped 3 spots so the Rangers could have drafted him.

      Nice list to add your name too, don’t you think?

  3. Hope

    It always breeds hope when one of our recruits is seen by the NHL elite as a first round selection and I am hopeful that Mr. Schmalz recognizes the opportunity that UND is affording him. It was reported that every NHL team that he talked with asked him about college vs the Canadian Major Juniors, and then said it really didn’t matter. One of the things I learned at UND was you don’t ask if it doesn’t matter. I know that Mr. Schmalz will get the development he needs at the U, but it does make me wonder about the future of college hockey’s talent pool when you see the vast majority of the top ten picks coming from the major juniors.

    1. JMSioux

      Hasn’t the first round been dominated by the Canadians since the very first draft? The collegiate talent pool will be sustained. Plus, College Hockey, Inc. is in place to offer its support. 300 players in the NHL were college hockey players (out of 900). 60% of the college players expect to or are drafted. No worries!

  4. JMSioux

    56 of the 211 players drafted were Americans…9 in the second round, led by Kerdiles, a Californian, headed to WI.

    1. Sioux-per-man

      I still shake my head on HOW the Rangers passed him up for a player that NEVER played 1 NHL game. Grrrrrrrrr

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Parise ends up a Penguin on July 1st and plays with Crosby. They go all the way back to high school at Shattuck. IF he does, it’s only a matter of time before they stamp his name on Lord Stanley’s Cup.

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