UND’s Draft Notes

UND had two players selected in this year’s NHL Entry Draft — Jordan Schmaltz went in the first round to the St. Louis Blues and Paul LaDue went in the sixth round to the Los Angeles Kings. Some notes:

  • Schmaltz is the 10th first-round pick for UND in the last 10 years.
  • Some Blues fans have called the Schmaltz pick a reach and they aren’t real happy about it. It’s ironic, because they also called the T.J. Oshie pick a reach, upset that they didn’t take the higher-ranked Ryan Stoa or Dan Bertram. Oshie led the Blues in scoring last year, while Stoa didn’t play in the NHL and Bertram didn’t play pro hockey.
  • The Blues have a rather distinct college hockey/WCHA flavor with Oshie, Brian Elliott (Wisconsin), David Backes (Minnesota State) and Jaden Schwartz (Colorado College).
  • LaDue was in his third year of draft eligibility.
  • UND currently has a Kings draft pick in the lineup in defenseman Derek Forbort.
  • UND incoming freshman Drake Caggiula did not get picked.
  • Of the UND de-commits, Stefan Matteau went in the first round to New Jersey and Miles Koules did not get drafted.

If I’m missing any Grand Forks high school players in the list below, let me know. But this is what I was able to come up with today with the help of Virg Foss:

Grand Forks NHL Entry Draft picks

2012 – Paul LaDue, GFC, Los Angeles Kings, sixth round
2003 – Ryan Potulny, RR, Philadelphia Flyers, third round
2003 – Danny Irmen, RR, Minnesota Wild, third round
2001 – Andy Schneider, RR, Pittsburgh Penguins, fifth round
2000 – Grant Potulny, RR, Ottawa Senators, fifth round
1988 – Chad Johnson, GFC, New Jersey, sixth round
1984 – Dave Hanson, GFC, Philadelphia, fourth round
1983 – Craig Mack, EGF, Quebec, seventh round
1982 – Tim Mishler, EGF, Winnipeg, fifth round
1982 – Tim Loven, RR, Toronto, eleventh round
1978 – Mark Berge, RR, Philadelphia, eleventh round

*Steve Johnson was taken by Vancouver in the supplemental draft in 1987.

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    1. northdasotan

      Probably because of their size. They sure could play the game and play it the way any coach would want. It’s too bad the game went from a skilled game to a size and strength game. It appears that the NHL wants to get back to the skilled game, hopefully guys like Parise, Gerbe and Gramaldi will allow the smaller kids who have skill get a look.

      I did enjoy watching Malone lay some crushing hits but I really liked watching the skill set of Toews and Duncan and can’t wait to see Gramaldi.

  1. G&W in Denver

    Blues fans need to relax. I am almost positive the average hockey fan can not identify what young man will make it in the NHL or not. How many of us truely knew Toews or Oshie were going to play in the NHL even as we watched them as freshman, let alone just watching them in high school and forming an opinion.

  2. SM

    Also not mentioned above is former Fighting Sioux player, Chris Porter who plays for the Blues, wearing #32.

      1. SM

        Just to clarify my previous comment, when I mentioned Chris Porter, #32 for the St. Louis Blues, it was in reference to the St. Louis Blues have “distinct college hockey/WCHA flavor.”

  3. Sara

    I think whenever fans of an NHL team are pissed about who their team picks, it’s because they had someone in particular in mind and their team didn’t do what they wanted. People need to chill out.

  4. G-Unit

    How can you say UND had player Jordan Schmaltz drafted by St. Louis ? He is a Green Bay Gambler who was drafted by St. Louis. Juse because he is going to UND, you nor the school can claim he is UND’s player yet, nor claim that UND had a player picked. You wonder why the major junior guys in Canada laugh when college hockey claims all the USHL guys who were drafted as college players being drafted, when none of them had ever played a game yet in college. Just like your goofy playoff system where teams get voted in etc. What a joke.

    1. So, tell me, why do those major junior guys claim Pat Sieloff as a Windsor Spitfire that got drafted then? http://www.windsorspitfires.com/article/five-spits-chosen-at-2012-nhl-draft

      Also, I’d love to hear an explanation on how you think the college hockey playoff system works. Who has these magical votes? If you are talking about goofy playoff systems, how about if college hockey gave Alabama-Huntsville a spot in the Frozen Four because they were the hosts last year? Isn’t it goofier that the CHL champ was a team that got knocked out in the quarterfinals of the playoffs, but got an automatic spot in the final four because of a decision by a board two years earlier?

    2. JMSioux

      G’s comments prove again how a person’s comments are truly their own reflection….in this case, a joke with no better intention than to just cast disparaging remarks on a topic which do not stand up to common facts. he must be a football fan. How ’bout that voting system for the BCS? What? You say there’s now a four team tournament? I’ll see it when I believe it! Just like G!

    3. AK


      Well put Brad, well put!! Can you “block” ppl from this site?? lol, jk….(kinda)

  5. Sioux4ever

    I love when Brad comes back and does @ss kicking…..its great. Keep up the good work, Brad!

  6. Nodak Fan

    Nice work Brad! I always snicker when the Memorial Cup comes around and the Canadians claim it’s such a prestigious event, and yet one of the teams in the field is the host.
    This isn’t Legion baseball.

  7. Roger Federer


    Sorry, G unit, this is a UND hockey site.

    If you are looking for information on the Green Bay Gamblers, go to http://www.google.com and type in “Green Bay Gamblers” in that rectangular box in the middle of the screen.

  8. Just wondering

    Not that I agree with the g spots comments, but I was wondering If the goofy selection method he was referring to is the gawd almighty NCAA selection of tournament participants. Does our father in indianapolis (I am waiting for someone to find that offensive) have to follow a formula for the tournament field or is it at their goofy discretion? And, when they assign teams to the various sites is their a formula that they follow or is it similar to the Canadian version of putting teams close to where they will sell tickets, obviously not the same as selecting team that didn’t make the the finals…but…

  9. Siouxnami

    I probably shouldn’t enjoy this, but Koulas going from elite prospect to draft failure, kind of makes me think poetic (just a little). Treason…

  10. G-Unit

    You made the ” your grandmother wears army boots too ” argument but you never answered my initial question about you claiming Schmaltz was a UND player drafted into the NHL. Give me your explanation. As for the ” playoff system” you have, you run these conference tournaments which are only money makers and have no bearing on who gets to your ficticious national championship.

    1. Answer is simple. He was drafted + he’s playing for UND = UND player that was drafted. My argument was in response to your claim that major junior people “laugh” at colleges for doing this. So any further comment on that claim? Didn’t think so.

      As for the playoff system, the conference tournaments are indeed money-makers, but the winners do get automatic bids into the NCAA tournament. So, there is some bearing there. I’m curious for you to explain why college hockey’s championship is “fictitious.” Every team that makes the NCAA tournament earns its way in through its play on the ice. Also, give me an explanation on the CHL champion being a team that didn’t earn its way to the final four, but got there because a bunch of guys in suits determined two years in advance that they would be in the final four that year. Let’s hear an explanation on why that is such a great method…. If there’s ever such thing as a “fictitious” champion, that’s it.

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