Lee re-signs with Tampa Bay

Former UND defenseman Brian Lee has re-signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Lee’s new deal is worth $2.3 million over two years. It’s a one-way contract, which means he would get paid the same in the AHL as the NHL. Translation: The Lightning fully expect he will be an every day NHL guy.

Lee was traded from the Ottawa Senators to the Lightning before the deadline last season. He played 20 games with Tampa, registering eight assists. Lee has played five seasons in the NHL.

The Moorhead High grad was going to be a restricted free agent.

5 thoughts on “Lee re-signs with Tampa Bay

  1. $2.3 million over 2 years. Isn’t that roughly what Forum Communication sports writers get?

  2. Hopefully Mr. Lee will settle in with Tampa. Glad to hear he received a one-way contract too!

  3. I am happy for Lee. Doesn’t matter if you liked him or not while playing for the Sioux, I am happy for the local athletes that get paid.

  4. Good for him. Any word on Commadore? Do you think he will get one more year?

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