PariseWatch heating up

Zach Parise has been a free agent for 28 hours and it appears that all eyes are on his big decision.

Will it be Minnesota? Will it be Pittsburgh? New Jersey? Philly?

Or how about the new team that’s joined the mix – the Chicago Blackhawks.

Yes, according to reports by Chicago Tribune beat writer Chris Kuc and ESPN Chicago’s Jesse Rogers, the former UND standout is considering joining forces with another forward UND standout, Jonathan Toews, in Chicago.

Most believe that Parise will make his decision by the end of the day.

Where do you think he will end up?

11 thoughts on “PariseWatch heating up

  1. Although I would love it if he were to sign with the Wild, I think the odds are low. I think he is going to sign where he thinks he has the best chance to win the Cup, and the answer to that is with Pittsburgh.

  2. Z-Par will end up with Pittsburgh, sad to say. I’d love to see him in a Hawks uni though. He’s got too much class to play for the Wild.

  3. I hope ZP does not come to the Wild for the simple reason it will give the rodent fans two reasons to cry over why ZP has forsaken them for better teams.

  4. I thought for sure he was going to Pitt, but I’m thinking the MN Wild offer is too HUGE to turn down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s bigger than Crosby’s. He could end up with the richest contract in the NHL.

    I wonder if Parise and Suter want to play on the same team, and are working a package deal.

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