Parise Mulling Decision

The NHL’s most coveted free agent hasn’t made up his mind quite yet.

Former UND star Zach Parise told a couple of reporters outside of Toronto that he is “taking a step back” to talk over his decision with his family. He didn’t set a timeline on his decision.

The Star Tribune has reported that the Wild are in the mix. Parise confirmed the Devils are in the mix. Other reports indicate that Pittsburgh and Chicago are candidates.

Parise was trending worldwide on Twitter on Monday afternoon and both Zach Parise and #PariseWatch were trending in the United States.

While many are on the edge of their seats waiting for Parise’s decision, it’s not a huge surprise he’s taking a couple of days to make it.

Anyone who has worked with Parise knows he is a logical, thoughtful guy who won’t rush into major decisions. Being that this will be his last major contract and will likely determine how and where he will spend the next decade, he has to be thorough in his decision process.

Soon, we will know whether he’s returning to one of his homes — New Jersey or Minnesota — or if he will be teaming up with one of his Shattuck buddies, Jonathan Toews or Sidney Crosby.

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  1. SM

    Just to throw my two cents in, I would love to see Mr. Parise sign with the Blackhawks. Toews and Parise = sweet!!! I prefer this scenario because I am a Blackhawks fan. My feeling is, he will resign with the Devils. It is hard for me to imagine the Devils organization letting their Captain walk as a free agent, they would definitely will have some upset fans if they are unable to resign him. The Wild is also a pretty strong possibility, as he has strong ties to the state of Minnesota and family ties to the organization. If the Penguins signed him, that would be one heck of a lineup, provided the team can stay healthy. Two things are for certain, Mr. Parise deserves a lucrative deal and he will be a great teammate/leader for the team he signs with. Let the waiting begin… … …

  2. Blackheart

    Well he grew up in Minnesota but how strong are his ties to this area? He could have gone to any college he wanted to and he chose Minnesota’s biggest rival; the UND Fighting Sioux. Yes, he lives here in the off-season and his wife is from here but so what? I heard his wife likes the fact he plays on the East coast because he’s always home after the game…(because everything’s so close) So Wild fans, don’t get your hopes too high…you just never know…

  3. Trickey7

    It would be great if comes to the Wild. Young and exciting future for the franchise and he accelerate that plan. I am shooting the moon and say they sign both Parise and Suter

  4. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    Not a Devils fan just to clear things up. I will be shocked if he doesn’t go play with Crosby and the Pens.

  5. Ole the goalie

    Take note, Blackheart, Parise is not married, he has a fiance. She’s from North Dakota (Hoople), not Minnesota.

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