Johnson Gets High Marks

It is extremely early. Lots can and will change between now and the 2013 NHL Draft, but it appears that Grand Forks native and UND commit Luke Johnson has a shot at going very high.

NHL’s Central Scouting Bureau released its list of ‘A’ players for next summer’s draft – a list of projected top-30 pick candidates.

Johnson is one of five college-bound players on the list.

Johnson had a great year for the Lincoln Stars, racking up 55 points in 55 games as a high school junior. Johnson will play his senior year with the Stars, then come to UND in the fall of 2013.

Another player of note on the list is Waterloo defenseman Ian McCoshen, who is choosing between UND, Nebraska-Omaha and Minnesota-Duluth, according to his assistant coach.

College-bound ‘A’ players

Luke Johnson, F, UND (Lincoln, USHL)
Ross Olsson, F, Northeastern (Williston Northampton)
J.T. Compher, F, Michigan (NTDP)
Michael Downing, D, Michigan (Dubuque, USHL)
Ian McCoshen, D, uncommitted (Waterloo, USHL)

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  1. Suture

    As long as UND recruits don’t bolt I don’t care who bolts where. If we get that Whoosh kid we will be sitting nicely for 2013. On another note, I have waited almost 25 years to see another Tony Hrkac commit to UND. Is there a Hrk out there that has his eyes on UND? I miss the entertainment value Hrk brought….I don’t think I have seen a player quite like him on any college team since that wonderful season. Brad….anyone coming down the pike that will give me a Hrk fix?

    1. The game is different now than it was then. You will never see a guy score 116 points in a college hockey season — 70 percent of college hockey teams didn’t even score 116 goals all season last year. It’s not as wide open, goalies are more technically sound. Parise was a guy who was electric every time he had the puck. Grimaldi will bring that sort of entertainment value as well.

      1. Ole the goalie

        I’d add Oshie to the list of guys since Hrkac who could absolutely bring me out of my chair. Oshie could do it with his offense and his physical play. He was a truck on ice skates.

      2. SM

        Well stated Brad. Hrkac was special, the ’87 team was special. I too witnessed first hand the ’87 team and they were a sight to see!!! The game has indeed changed. Generally speaking, players today are bigger and stronger, but as far as players of today being more skilled that debatable. Mr. Rocco Grimaldi will be interesting to see how he develops at UND, but his lack of size does hurt him, especially moving forward professionally, as it has hurt Mr. Duncan and even Mr. Hrkac too. I wish this wasn’t the case. However, on the positive side, there are always are always exceptions and I certainly love to see them!!! I look forward to seeing Mr. Grimaldi play for the Sioux and in the NHL.

        1. Blackheart

          I’d throw Johnny Toews in there as well…He was only 17 his first year at UND and was unbelievably skilled…that being said, I don’t think he could have scored 100+ points had he stayed.

  2. GoSioux

    Hey Brad I know this is off subject, but I thought I heard Marto signed with the Jets affiliate St. Johns again, but it’s no where on this website-or in the paper like the other signees. Is it true? I love seeing what all our former players are up to. And isn’t that the same team Greggoir played on last year? I didn’t hear much on how his season ended up–would have been nice to have him one more year with us!

  3. Suture

    Ted, sorry, my bad. I meant the McCoshen kid who plays for Waterloo. I was being a little sarcastic but I really did butcher the name. I will avoid any attempt at comedy on here from now on. I feel a little dumb now…sorry.

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