Idalski Inks Contract Extension

UND women’s hockey coach Brian Idalski has signed a two-year contract extension, meaning he’s under contract through 2016-17 now.

The extension comes after UND put together back-to-back season where it broke nearly every record in program history.

Idalski’s new contract will start with a base salary of $116,777. His salary is believed to be the second-highest head-coach salary among UND head coaches, as it was reported that football coach Chris Mussman is at $114,612.

Idalski’s salary ranks in the middle of the pack among WCHA women’s coaches, certainly behind Duluth’s Shannon Miller, Wisconsin’s Mark Johnson and Minnesota’s Brad Frost. The Duluth News Tribune reported that Miller made $180,000 in 2010-11 and Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez told the Wisconsin State Journal that Johnson was the highest-paid women’s coach later on.

It doesn’t appear that Ohio State coach Nate Hardrahan’s salary is published anywhere.

Idalski said at a presser today that he appreciates the athletic department and AD Brian Faison giving the program the resources it needs to be competitive. He also said the coaching staff — with assistants Peter Elander and Erik Fabian — has outstanding chemistry and that his assistants were taken care of.

For a story on Idalski’s signing, read here.


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  1. Siouxper Fan

    No way he should make more than Mussman. With all the success they’ve had the last couple years they still can’t put 3000 people in the seats to watch women’s hockey. What happens when the Lamoreux’s are done?

    1. That will be inteesting how they will be when the Lammy twins are gone. What he doesn’t do well is recruit a few North Dakota girls. I know for a fact there are 3 to 4 girls that will be seniors next year that could contribute to the team. They just need a chance and most of all a look or 2.

      1. Disagree about recruiting North Dakota. Every North Dakotan that played D-I hockey last year was on the Sioux. They had kids from almost every big city – Fargo, GF and Minot. Since Idalski has started, how many North Dakotans have played D-I at other schools? Any? I think Lindsay Nagel will be the first next year, and Mankato recruited her away from D-III schools. North Dakota high school just doesn’t produce a lot of D-I caliber players.

        1. I believe they were all walk-ons or am I off base? By the way the Lammy twins are from ND but I do believe Shattuck made them where they are today plus of course their incredible work ethic. I have been around ND girls hockey for the last 6 years and there is DI one talent in this state.

  2. guest it

    I agree with Brad. The few players that are good coming from ND have been snatched up by UND. They also have a great incoming class- AGAIN. I dont care what state a player is from, just win!

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