Porter Re-signs With Blues

Former UND captain Chris Porter will be staying with the St. Louis Blues.

Porter signed a one-year deal worth $650,000 if he’s in the NHL and $105,000 if he’s in the AHL. Porter had been searching for a one-way contract, but was apparently unable to land one.

Porter stayed up with the Blues pretty much all of last season, tallying four goals and seven points in 47 games. He did not dress in any of the playoff games.

Porter originally signed with St. Louis in 2007 after completing his four-year career at UND. He’s played 98 NHL games, scoring eight goals and adding eight assists.

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  1. SiouxSioux


    I think one of the lingering stories is what is up with Aaron Dell? Is he going to string the team along by making them and every single Sioux fan wait on whether he is leaving or staying at UND until there is zero chance a team offers him a contract?

    Or did he make an announcement that he’s coming back and I stupidly missed it?

    1. In his situation, the team already is prepared if he signs with Clarke Saunders and Zane Gothberg. There hasn’t been any announcement one way or the other, but we will probably hear soon. I’m still expecting him to sign.

  2. Jay

    Who could ever forget Chris Porter’s wrap around goal against MN in the 2007 West Regional Final!

  3. suture

    Brad, I don’t like the way this whole matter is panning out with Dell. Doesn’t this mean we are holding up a scholly for another player based on Dell leaving or not? I thought these kids had to either “declare” (or not) shortly after the season so all involved will know where they stand. I think college football allows underclassmen a brief period of time to test the waters to see where they might be drafted if they come out early (I think it’s about 2 weeks give or take?). This was put in place, partly anyway, so college teams would not be left hanging. It sounds like college hockey does not have such an arrangement..?? If they don’t, doesn’t it seem reasonable to get something like this in place? This thing with Dell….and other teams in this situation…really hamstrings the school and potentially eliminates a scholarship for some kid out there trying to play Div. I hockey. Can you tell me about this situation Brad? Thanks buddy.

    1. Jumpstop

      Wouldn’t the only other person affected by this decision be Tate Maris?

      They aren’t going to bring in a third scholarship goaltender. If Dell stays, Tate goes. Dell leaves, Tate stays and remains on the roster.

      1. No, Tate will be here no matter what.

        Suture, I’m not sure what kind of conversations that Aaron has had with UND, but it’s entirely possible he’s given them a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen.

  4. SM

    Mr. Porter was a grinder for the Sioux and he is a grinder in the NHL. With promising upside offensively and defensively. St. Louis should give Mr. Porter the opportunity to play in the NHL for entire the year, as he deserves it. Shame on St. Louis for not letting him play during the playoffs. As far as the Mr. Dell signing situation, it is ridiculous for any collegiate player to play the-wait-and-see-pro-contract game all off season late spring and deep in to the summer. This drawn out process hurts their team and the coaching staff in their preparations for the upcoming season. To sum this situation up in a word, selfish.

  5. SH

    I too wish Dell would announce his intentions. Fall semester starts in a little over a month! If he’s still searching for a contract and ultimately doesn’t find one, then what? Does he come crawling back to his teammates and UND coaches? Hakstol said in April that he expected Dell to sign.

    Does he simply not want to compete for playing time with Saunders and Gothberg?

    1. SiouxperKev

      Don’t get yur undies in a bunch. Hak knows full well what Aaron is doing next year. they just havent announced it. No ones holding the team hostage. Sanders and Gothberg cant carry Dells jock so its not about competing. I think he did quite nicely against Eids, an All Confrence and (I think All American).

      1. JMS****

        I don’t believe anyone knows what Dell is going to do until the point in time when he is either offered a NHL/AHL contract or not. It’s getting nearer to that point in time.

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