Roy Hits The Open Market

For the second year in a row, the most coveted recruit out of the USHL has become a free agent just weeks before the start of college classes.

Last year, Johnny Gaudreau de-committed from Northeastern and ended up at Boston College, where he was a very important piece to the Eagles’ national championship. Gaudreau had 44 points in 44 games as a rookie.

This year, it’s Kevin Roy.

Multiple sources have reported that Roy has de-committed from Brown, a move that has been somewhat anticipated in college hockey circles since Roy’s record-breaking, 54-goal, 104-point season with the Lincoln Stars.

In a sense, Roy has been a free agent this whole time. Ivy League schools do not sign National Letters of Intent, therefore, it was not forbidden by NCAA rules for schools to contact him and try to woo him.

There is a gentleman’s agreement in college hockey where coaches do not recruit verbally committed players. But who knows how long that will last. When coaches are under great pressure to win games or lose their jobs, abiding by a gentleman’s agreement won’t always be the first thing on their minds.

There haven’t been any rumblings of teams contacting Roy to try to woo him, but it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if it happened.

Where will he end up? The consensus is that Roy will be at a school on the East Coast. It will have to be a school that has a scholarship open this late — possibly two scholarships open. Many believe that Roy’s older brother, goalie Derick Roy, is a package deal. Neither Roy has commented on the development yet.

Whatever happens, it will be one of college hockey’s big stories of the summer.

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  1. JMS****

    Bigger stories of the summer? Maybe, but these stories of the NDT players choosing the WHL or of NCAA players decommitting are becoming all too common. The bigger story may be the one about Nicky Bjugstad actually returning to college. But of all the stories this summer, the biggest one may be the retirement of the Fighting Sioux name. Maybe even the befuddled Alaska playoff plan. That’s a radical departure from all traditional tournament formats.

      1. JMS****

        Right! Knight and Kristo returning are much bigger stories than Nicky’s for this blog and maybe nationally if comparing Roy as a national story. Returning to play is a bigger story now than decommitting, especially if you are a Hobey Baker candidate, a leader on the team in both points and size, a bonafide future NHL player, and a contributing factor in winning the MacNaughton and getting to the Frozen Four the previous season. Love ‘im or hate ‘im or totally indifferent toward him, his returning is a significant event in the summer of 2012 for NCAA hockey, more so than Roy never coming to Brown. Dell’s returning to the UND would also be a big story for several familiar reasons including 1) returning to a top four seeded regional team and a perennial NC and MacNaughton contender, and 2) because the NHL may not be that attractive.

          1. JMS****

            Yes, it is a big story. All I am saying it may or may not be the biggest story. In all due respect to your outstanding blogging, which I consider to be the best in the WCHA and perhaps arguably beyond, I have yet to see any reports of the Roy story in any other blog, the USCHO, College Hockey News, Inside College hockey, and more. To me, its a another story beyond the interest of the rabid fans who recognize the value of this recruitable player to any team he may choose, this late in the off season, but certainly not a WCHA/NCHC/UND team, as it appears. I wish him the best, but the biggest “recruiting” story in the NCAA, covered nationally, was the rodents signing their #1 recruit, Nicky Bjugstad. Sure, not a true first year recruit but a major signing just the same…just like Kristo, Knight, Forbert, etc.

  2. Sioux-per-man

    Any Chance the Fighting Sioux pick him up, maybe give his brother at chance at playing in the net if Dell turns pro?

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