Greene’s Day Nearing; Schmaltz Cut

Matt Greene will have his day with the Stanley Cup on Friday.

Greene will have the Cup in his hometown of Grand Ledge, Mich., where they are planning a parade for the Los Angeles Kings defenseman.

Greene, who has already been back in Grand Forks working out this summer, plans to involve local Grand Ledge teams in his day with the Cup.

Hopefully some good photos come from Friday in Grand Ledge.


Jordan Schmaltz has been at the World Junior Championship evaluation camp since the weekend, but he won’t finish the week there.

Schmaltz was one of 11 cuts that were announced today.

The UND freshman still can make the team with a solid first half, but it’s usually not a good sign.

Rocco Grimaldi did not participate in the camp because he’s still recovering from his knee injury, but he will very likely be on the team.

The World Junior participants will miss the home series against Holy Cross on Jan. 5-6.


Former MSU-Mankato coach Troy Jutting was officially hired as an assistant coach at Nebraska-Omaha. Jutting was let go by Mankato after last season.

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  1. SH

    I can’t help but to wonder if Schmaltz being cut from the World Junior Camp had anything to do with the fact that the Head Coach has ties to Minnesota hockey (Housley), one of the assistants is a current Assistant Coach for the Gophers (Poltulny), and Don Lucia was on the camp staff. Perhaps a little negative bias toward a NoDak player?

    1. Sara

      That’s ridiculous. You pick the best players for your team, if you go on college rivalries to guide your decisions, you’re setting up for a big failure. Also, this is not the first time a first round draft pick has been cut from a WJ camp. It happens every year, and not just for the US. Look at how many 1st round picks from Canada have never played in the tournament. Recent Ex: Tyler Seguin.

  2. JMS****

    But if Skjei makes it, its just another point of contention that Skjei is the better player…and should have been drafted higher than JS, as trivial as that may be. In a heated rivalry, it won’t be overlooked. I don’t care as much for the WJC tourney in Dec/Jan as I care about the January series at the John, and I hope J Schmaltz takes advantage of not having to play the WJC to raise his game up a notch for that series.

  3. Viking1

    I’m wondering how Mr Grimaldi can be considered for the team when he hasn’t played competitively in a year, and may not even be fully recovered from a major injury? strange process ……

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