Greene’s day with the Cup

Matt Greene enjoyed his day with the Stanley Cup on Friday in his hometown of Grand Ledge, Mich.

Despite a rainy day, the Cup had a busy agenda that included a stop to meet police officers and firemen and a few hours at Grand Ledge High School.

To check out some of the images, there’s a photo gallery on the Lansing State Journal site.

To read about it, there’s a story here.

Below is a picture that was tweeted by UND women’s player Layla Marvin of Greene wearing a Fighting Sioux shirt while holding the Cup and posing with the Marvins.

3 thoughts on “Greene’s day with the Cup

  1. I alway smile when I see a Sioux player go back home with the cup. Their playing days at UND prepared them well for the NHL and the opportunity to achieve greatness. Congrats Matt!

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