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I’m still getting e-mails about Aaron Dell. To update: Nothing really has changed with his situation but it’s fairly apparent where it’s headed.

He hasn’t signed yet, I’m not sure who he’s talking to or how close he is to signing, but as I wrote in the Herald last month, the team is operating under the assumption that he’s gone and it’s only a matter of time before he signs.

It has been an unusual situation to report on, because it’s tough to say it’s a “done deal” when there doesn’t appear to be a deal in place. And until a deal is in place, he’s still eligible to return. But it has been fairly apparent for a while now that he’s not planning on it.

I haven’t been able to get in touch with Dell this summer — he’s been busy getting married — but I suspect we will have the “official” word in the next week.

The fall semester starts a week from today at 4 p.m. When he’s not enrolled, it will become “official.” If UND releases its roster before then, that would be official confirmation as well.

So, while Dell is still technically eligible to return to school for his senior season, I put the chances of that happening at 1 percent. Some drastic, very surprising changes in plans would have to happen.


For those who follow the blog, I have some good news.

The Herald will once again be sending me to every game this season — home and road. These days, there are very few college hockey beat writers who travel to every road game. But the powers-that-be at the Herald obviously recognize how important UND hockey is to our readership (and the numbers reflect that).

Right now, we’re discussing some coverage ideas, especially from the road. Hopefully we’ll be able to add a few new things, likely on the multimedia side (throw some ideas my way if you wish).

As for the live blog, that’s still up in the air. I’m not sure if there will be Cover it Live chats at this point, but there will definitely be some type of a live blog. It may evolve as the season goes along.


Work is beginning on the 2012-13 college hockey preview special section. Preseason predictions will be in there, along with the Herald’s annual top 10 WCHA recruit list and top 10 WCHA player list.

I just came across our section from three years ago and looked at the top 10 recruits (now seniors). Six of the top 10 have already signed — Nick Leddy (2), Mike Lee (3), Dylan Olsen (4), Drew Shore (5), Craig Smith (8) and Matt Donovan (10). Still in the league are Danny Kristo (1), Zach Budish (6) and Ben Hanowski (9). I had Mike Cichy at No. 7 and he will be at Western Michigan this season.

In brainstorming for this year’s group, I found something interesting — nearly every team has at least one recruit who is a legit top 10 guy. It’s going to be very difficult to narrow it down to 10 and a lot of teams will be represented on the list.

I believe the section comes out on Sept. 30. I’ll send out info on how to order it later.


USA Hockey set its roster for the U.S. vs. Canada Under-18 women’s hockey series Thursday-Sunday.

All three UND recruits who went to the selection camp are on the final roster — goalie Lexie Shaw, defenseman Gracen Hirschy and forward Amy Menke. All three are 2013 recruits, along with Warroad forwards Lisa Marvin and Kayla Gardner (who are both too old for the U18 series).


UND released its roster for the 2012-13 season on the women’s side.

There are two names on it that have never been reported — Swedish National Team defenseman Johanna Fallman and St. Michael, Minn., goalie Amanda Koep. Yes, that means UND will be carrying four goaltenders.

Monique Lamoureux has dropped the Kolls from her last name and Madison Kolls has transferred to Minnesota-Duluth. Kolls was a healthy scratch most of last season.

The freshman numbers are 4 Sam LaShomb, 5 Fallman, 8 Samantha Hanson, 14 Marissa Salo, 19 Meghan Dufault, 22 Tanja Eisenschmid, 29 Koep and 51 Becca Kohler.

Coach Brian Idalski hasn’t yet said if he plans on redshirting any of them, but I can guarantee that LaShomb, Eisenschmid, Dufault and Kohler will play immediately. Given UND’s situation at defense, I would expect Fallman does not redshirt either, even though I don’t know much about her.

The women open Oct. 5 at home against Minnesota State.

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  1. suture

    Great work Brad. I was waiting for The Herald to step up to the plate and start handling UND sports as a true division I school. I feel there should be much more coverage on UND’s football team…regardless of the readership. It pales in comparison to other Div. I football schools around the country. What is the saying….build it and they will come? I think ND is not aware of the excellent sports situation at UND and ramping up the coverage will only help increase just how fantastic UND sports really are. One of, if not thee, top hockey school in the country (now you can add women’s hockey to this as well), good football that is only going to get better……it’s all there. UND is a fabulous educational institution and now we are building one to the top sports programs in the region and country. Let’s now get the coverage to match this excellence.

    1. Dick

      I’ve read a new football story every day in the Herald. Am I missing something? Looking forward to a fun year in all of UND!

      1. Joe

        I think a story a day should almost be expected. We are a Division one FCS program in a community where not much else is going on right now as far as sports go. I think suture was referring to expanded coverage. Agreed though, all UND sports should be fun to watch this year. Can’t wait for VBall and Football to start.

  2. willythekid

    Congrats Brad… you are the best in the business and UND fans are lucky to have you cover our hockey. Thanks for all you do.

  3. crb1

    Looking forward to both teams season this year.

    I sure hope the live blog situation can be worked out as it is really important to a lot of people. I mean we get more people on the live blog than a good portion of most teams fans come to the rink.

  4. Mike

    Will the tv situation be the same this year (2012-2013) for those of us not located in the Midcontinent area? I am wondering if we will still be able to watch all of the home games on Fox College Sports again. Thanks!

  5. Tim Kessler

    Can you get us on update on where midco sports can be seen this year, other than cable outlets. Specifically, FCS on directtv and a FTA uplink to satellite?

    1. Tim, the FCS and DirecTV specifics usually come out the week of the game, so I don’t have those yet. I don’t know anything about FTA type of stuff, but there’s a guy who makes his way to sometimes, if I’m not mistaken, who is an expert on that. I’d venture over there and try to catch him.

  6. Siouxguy

    So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance!! I read ya! Seriously, if Dell came back it would be very surprising, but wish him well in whatever he does.

  7. Well that marriage didn’t last long. That’s to bad

    Good news that you will be able to cover all the games Brad. No doubt you are the best in the business and I always look forward to reading your summary of the games and your comments.

  8. Scott

    I just wanted to say that it’s awesome that you’ll be covering all the games again this year. I always look forward to your game recaps and previews. Even though you’re obviously a big time Sioux fan, you’re blogs are always fair and non-biased, it’s very refreshing!

    Also, other than video it would be nice if there was a Live blog that worked on cell phones. Maybe an app or something. If I can’t watch a game on TV, 90% of the time it’s because it’s not on or the wife is dragging me around town. It’d be nice to be able to follow the games progress while tripping over little kids in Wal-Mart!

  9. Ted

    Last year I attended the “Meet the Sioux” day for men’s and women’s hockey. Has this year’s day been set yet?

  10. Siouxnami

    Big difference between men’s and women’s hockey when a national team player shows up to everyone’s surprise. Nice surprise… Defense and goaltending were the issues last year. Looking forward to a run at the championship.

      1. Siouxnami

        If the UND men’s team got an Olympic defender you would hear about it immediately, not when they show up.

  11. SM

    Brad, does the GF Herald have an iPhone app? At one time they did because I had it. I have not seen and/or located an app, did they do away with it? I wish your blog had an iPhone app. Keep up the great work.

  12. Tired

    For those of us that follow hockey your contributions are more than appreciated and I am confident it shows in the Heralds readership! But, could you imagine the new readers that would be exposed to Hockey coverage if the Herald teamed Marilyn H with you? She could cover motherly interest side of a team on the road, noting what and where they eat, and providing her own review of the same! It can only get better…

    1. erik

      That would be great to take Marilyn H with for a few games. Is there anyone who does not like this classy lady? She could review the concession stands and rate them. I’m not kidding she would do a great job. Think how funny she could make them.

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