Two Players Punished For Minors

Two UND players have been punished for receiving minors in possession/consumption of alcohol.

Dan Senkbeil, who was cited for a minor and for failure to halt on Aug. 31, was suspended from all team activities for two weeks. He has not yet been cleared by coach Dave Hakstol to play in games. Senkbeil received his minor one week before turning 21.

Michael Parks was cited for a minor and his punishment is being handled internally. Parks is 20.

Both players were rookies last season.

Senkbeil played in 30 games at forward, registering three assists. Parks played in all 42 games and registered 22 points.

UND’s first exhibition game is October 6.

7 Responses

  1. northdasotan

    Thankfully for Sioux fans, they didn’t get caught last year. That would have really hurt. Good for coach Hak for taking care of business.

  2. Sioux99

    Based on the joke-of-a-school to the south’s disciplinary system, these guys shouldn’t be punished because they feel bad about what they did. … Good job, Hak! Way to hold your players accountable.

  3. Dave

    Yeah, Hakstol suspends a guy that probably won’t see the ice anyway for 2 weeks and the guy that actually plays will be disciplined internally. That shows some major guts.

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