Season Primer

The UND students who put together Through These Doors (David Folske, Peter Bottini) have posted a season primer video on the school’s website.

They did a really nice job with it. It’s worth checking out.

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  1. suture

    I don’t think people realize how lucky we are to have the hockey program we have had for 30+ years. Not many schools (major schools) have one team that enjoys the success the Sio…UND does. This is North Dakota’s pride and it couldn’t make me more proud of the way these kids have played year in and year out. Does anyone work harder the our kids? Don’t think so. Go UND!!

  2. dagies

    The production and quality of Behind These Doors is very impressive for a college produced series. THANK YOU to everyone involved!

  3. Wayne

    Great job on the vid, but Season? What Season? I guess that is for the thousands and thousands of UND fans that will be in the dark going without this year and probably in future years. I feel the agreement with Midcom is a “lose, lose, for all involved!” Gone is the ability to see the games in almost half of North Dakota. Gone is the ability for Fox College Sports coverage on a national level. My family in Minneapolis is upset, and I’m upset. The rink is sold out the majority of games and it’s hard to get a weather clear weekend to make the trip even if you can get tickets. This will hurt UND very badly. Especially the national coverage that they’ve enjoyed for the past years. “It’s gonna be a long, cold, winter for a lot of us!”

  4. Tom

    To be honest it really isn’t difficult to capture a bunch of footage and edit it. The main thing that is difficult is usually purchasing the high end software that allows for the editing. Although the students did a good job I bet a number of students or staff could produce the same quality.

    1. crb1

      Jealousy is never a good thing. Be happy for the students and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I think they do a fantastic job.

  5. This is so well done it’s hard to believe college kids are behind it. They should get some kind of an award because it is so professionally done. I always look forward to the new series coming out. Keep up the great work guys and my hats off to you for a job well done.


    Brad, can you update me on what is going on with the television contracts for men’s hockey this year? I live in Minneapolis and am trying to decide what cable/dish network to subscribe to.. Last year I watched alot of the games on Fox College sports central/pacific/atlantic etc… I was told with Direct TV I would get the Midcontinent channel but it sounds like the games will not be broadcasted on there anymore. I’m a little confused, can anybody help?
    Sioux Fan

      1. Wayne

        Brad, in your reply to my post you stated UND will be on Fox, and has nothing to do with Midco? As I understand it is Midco that is handling broadcasts this year and how does FCS pick up these games without some kind of contract from Midco? I’ve heard “no” mention of it anywhere. If this is true, it has been poorly presented to the fans. Also why haven’t the football games which are part of the game contract been televised by FCS? We would have loved to have seen those too. It only adds to the confusion. It looks like you’re saying fans will have to have Midco or a service that provides FCS to view the games. It still seems to me a lot of fans are going to be in the dark when all is said and done. I’ll be looking forward to your explanation. Thank you.

        1. Midco does have an agreement with Fox College Sports. FCS just has decided not to pick up the football games thus far. They will be picking up hockey games. I just added a blog post that hopefully helps clear some of that up.

  7. SH

    Such an excellent series! We Sioux fans sure are spoiled. Bewteen “Brad Miller Time” and “Through These Doors,” we have more access to our favorite team than any other fan base in the country has to theirs. I’ve seen comments by fans of other college hockey teams who wish their favorite team had a series like this. Keep up the good work, guys!

  8. Brad O.

    Incredible! Each episode last year got better and better, and I look forward to the quality work these students do on this program again this season. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the program!

  9. Siouxperfan777

    This series is unreal! I had chills watching this Primer. I too think this should be given an award. In ANY school in all of D-I sports I’m not sure you’d find a series like “Through these Doors.” I’ve had a lot of excitement for UND hockey in my life but there something about this year….amidst the name controversy, that has me as excited about this season than any other. This is probably regarding all of UND sports….

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