Captains Suspended For Season Opener

UND has suspended its team captains – Andrew MacWilliam, Corban Knight, Danny Kristo and Carter Rowney – for the opening game of the season due to a team party held Saturday.

The season opener is Oct. 19 against Alaska Anchorage in the Brice Goal Rush in Fairbanks, Alaska.

According to online court records, no citations were handed out at the party.

“The behavior in this situation was unacceptable,” athletic director Brian Faison said. “Measures taken by the athletics department do not preclude possible additional measures  by the department, or actions by the University, local or state authorities.”

“Recent actions by our team are not a good representation of our place as role models within our community,” UND coach Dave Hakstol said. “We have young men of high character in our locker room, but our players, and in particular our leaders, must be accountable for their actions.”

Faison also announced additional measures, including:

  • Athletics Department-issued team probation under which any further violations by a team member could result in immediate reduction of scholarship, suspension from competition, or expulsion from the program.
  • The implementation of a mandatory team community service program.
  • Weekly team alcohol education programming.

The incident comes two weeks after UND sophomores Michael Parks and Dan Senkbeil were cited for underage drinking. At that time, Hakstol suspended Senkbeil for two weeks from team activities. Parks’ discipline was handed internally.

UND will be down to 18 skaters available for the season-opener, which means every healthy body will be in the lineup. It also means UND’s forwards for the season-opener will include no seniors and just one junior. The other 11 will be rookies or sophomores.

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    1. dakotajohn

      ^you’re an idiot. One game in college hockey doesn’t carry the same weight as one game in college football where 1 loss means more. Plus they suspend them for a game could win without the captains.

      1. Viking1

        NDSU football is (and always will be) a joke, and is NOT a big-tme program on par with the likes of Sioux hockey. Post here when they bring home an ACTUAL National Championship as the supreme team in the land (rather than some miniture hillbilly conference)……

  1. Spectator

    At least it gives fans from other schools something to talk about and takes the pressure off their athletes who have been “Hated on” by the media.

  2. Sioux-per-man

    College kids at a party???? ….. can’t imagine such a thing.

    Wow …… do it again and you lose your scholorship?

    UND has a higher level of standards than NDSU. Can’t imagine what would have happened if they committed fraud? or had to go to court for something?

  3. Puffy

    This really throws the pie in the cow college’s face. It shows what a high standard UND has, while at NDSU things get swept under the rug so the super duper football team can just keep on winning. Pathetic. Gene Taylor should be feeling like a fool right now.

  4. DimWhitty

    Well, looks like we will be on par with last year’s depleted team. I’m guessing we still compete and the guys on the ice work hard to break the line up full time.

  5. Realist

    Sounds to me like the whole (or a strong majority) team partied too hard and got caught. You can’t suspend the whole team, therefore the captains take the heat to set an example.

  6. JMS****

    It doesn’t sound like police were called to the scene. It seems that the guys had a party, the coaches found out about it, appropriate admissions were made, and consequences dished out. Every athlete at every age knows there are consequences for involvement with drinking and smoking plus violations of other rules. They did it, the captains were held responsible. Now its time to focus on the first game, the first period, the first shift, and the first drop of the puck.

  7. Viking1

    These guys are REALLY held to a high standard in this day & age, and the two old adages “boys will be boys” and “hockey is NOT a sport for timid boys” tell this simple story. Much ado about nothing (compared to the calculated malfeasance down south a few clicks). The final truth of the matter is: Sioux Hockey is North Dakota’s only big-time program, and the football teams are still a joke. They are like the guys hotrodding around in a little Mini Cooper (whilst dreaming it’s a Ferrari)….. 🙂

  8. Sioux Dat Nation

    If every college hockey team suspended its players for throwing a party, there would be no college hockey. And if every college football team suspended its players for conducting voter fraud and theft rings, there would still be college football I guess.

    Hak, let’s not throw away future big name recruits by overreacting.


  9. SM

    It is well known that many college students partake in underage drinking, not just at UND. The fact that underage drinking is illegal should be enough to deter UND athletes from partaking in such activity. If this is not a good enough reason to not drink illegally how about the fact, athletes represent UND and whether anyone likes it or not, they are looked upon by many children in the community as role models. This is not the first incident involving alcohol and men’s hockey players, I only hope it is the last. The UND Administration and Coaching Staff is wise with the disciplinary action, I only hope this is the last of these incidents involving UND athletes. This is a distraction to the school, the hockey program, and does not build towards the goal of winning the National Championship. For the hockey players of legal drinking age, reward and celebration does not come in the form of a bottle or a can. Drinking around and providing alcohol to underage teammates is not a leadership quality, it is illegal, destructive, detrimental to the team, and very disappointing to your fans.

  10. Trickey7

    Big honor and big responsibility to play at Hockey U. Tough when you are that age to say no to a little party. Proper and swift punishment for the boys. Go Sioux!

    1. SM

      Saying no “to a little party ” may be the difference between the team winning the National Championship and not making the tournament field and/or making an early exit from the tournament. Ultimately, it is these young men’s choice to make, but at UND, the tradition is winning and winning the National Championship is the goal. This program is one of the elite hockey programs in the country, the pride and tradition of this program is measured in wins and moreover, championships. Winning is expected year in and year out. Unrealistic goals from the fans? Perhaps. However, with top recruits and loads of talented players on the roster every year comes the lofty expectations of fans and by the Coaching Staff. Coach Hakstol has an impressive resume, no doubt about it, but the one thing missing is a National Championship. Second place is the first loser, and finishing lower than second is even worse. No one wants to be runner-up, they play to win, not to lose. Winning requires commitment and sacrifice and if this means the players saying no “to a little party” in order to win the National Championship, well then are these young men willing to make the commitment and sacrifice? The lasting memories of winning a National Championship will surely stand in their minds longer than nights of boozing and hangovers. Keep your eye on the prize fellas.

      1. siouxfanphil

        A early september party is the difference a National title and not making the field? Do you not realize EVERY Sioux team (and every other program) you’ve ever watched parties basicly EVERY weekend during the season? It’s a great talking point now but this will have absolutely zero impact on how this season ends. You’re comment is very out of touch with reality.

  11. “for the opening game of the season due to a team party held Saturday.”

    The opening game of the season is against Manitoba. Did the press release specify Alaska or are you inferring that?

  12. Chicago UND Fan

    That must have been one heck of a party, can’t wait for the Youtube videos to be released. I wonder if anyone threw anything into the street?

  13. Nodak Fan

    I noticed the DU Blog and its fans were all over this like stink on a monkey. Of course, they’ve got nothing better to do than worry about our program.

    1. joe mauer

      And the und fans over at ss weren’t all over NDSU for their blunder? Sounds like you’re the worrier to me. Grow a pair.

  14. I’ll go out on a limb: Captains are all of legal age. Alcohol for said party was supplied, at least in part, by said captains, who also endorsed said party. Some party participants were not of legal age. Discipline was handed out to those in leadership roles that should have known better.

    Reality: In this day of social media and cell technology, no event goes unnoticed. It is not what it was in the years I (and probably you) was at UND, and these things were a common occurrence. The times have changed. Coach Hakstol has adapted to the times we are living in, and reacted appropriately to send the clear message that this will no longer be “the way it’s always been done”.

    Comment: After both the Oshie and Frattin incidents, it just is the way it must be, or you will be judged harshly by your peers and critics. It might not be fair, but the times have definitely changed. To be honest, I’m very happy some of what happened when I was at UND is not on the public record, or was under public scrutiny when I was there!

    It is not easy to be an easily identified student-athlete today. These are still young men, growing into the adults they will become (yes, I know they are already adults in the legal sense). These are hard lessons learned, and in many cases, the lesson is best learned when there is a penalty associated with it. I applaud Coach Hakstol and UND for their response, and I have no doubt the players will, in the end, be better people for it.

    Go Sioux!

    1. Viking1

      Good point. Simple solution: go out into the middle of a lake/prairie for preseason “bonding”, and leave the goofy cell phones et al behind. Just make sure the ice is thick enough if you choose the former………… 🙂

  15. Sioux Fan

    You have to applaud Hak and Faisson for holding the captains accountable for these actions/behaviors. I’m sure a majority of the team was at the party but the captains are the ones taking the fall.

  16. C Dog

    I am thinking this is a little bit of an overreaction because of the lack of discipline at the University to our South. Kids in college drink, I hope this isn’t a shock to anyone on this site. I know we set the bar pretty high for our college athletes, especially the hockey players in GF, however, kids will be kids…especially in the off season.

    I do wish our Captains would have made a better decision. I have a feeling that these players will take their punishment like men and will come out with a little chip on their shoulder and a fire in their hearts and have a great season…there is no doubt in my mind!

  17. Here we go again!

    I think many of the responses here are missing the mark. This isn’t about “boys will be boys” or “it was a little college party” it is about a team and their coach holding them accountable for adhering to team RULES! Teams with long term winning traditions are built on a foundation of discipline. You follow the rules or you don’t play, it’s just that simple. You always ask yourself whether or not the penalty fits the crime, but the crime at hand was not attending a party it was putting their personal gratification ahead of their team and teammates by violating the rules they all knew existed!

  18. DickinsonHockeyMom

    Good kids do bad things some times…doesn’t mean they are bad kids. Please keep that in mind. I am sure that all the captains feel foolish and regret the decisions that were made. I hope they put this incident in the column of “things to learn from” and move on. As I would tell my own boys, “its what you do from here that really matters”.

  19. Nodak Fan

    So do the captains also have to miss Fan Fest? Seems kind of awkward to have them there signing autographs after getting reprimanded for conduct unbecoming a role model.

    1. JB

      Sounds to me like they took the fall for the team. If the captains shouldn’t be there, I suppose the rest of the team should stay home as well.

  20. smm

    I think the coaches, the AD, and everyone else knows that boys will be boys. However, in lieu of the Boston University debacle, the Penn State disaster, the USC and Ohio State problems, and now the foolishness at NDSU, I think the right actions were taken. We live in a different era and yet hockey players (and all athletes) act the same. They feel entitled to so much. It is no different at UND as it is at BU. Making the boys accountable to something much higher than self-gratification is an important step. A step that will make this team better from the start. This is a national championship team. Only they can get in their own way.

    1. northdasotan

      I was thinking the same thing while reading all the posts. I get to the last one and I start to read what I was going to type. I couldn’t have said it better.

  21. Shaun

    This will be old news in November. We are all a little disappointed but so what. Lets get on with practice, and focus on Number 8 for the Trophy shelf.

  22. Sioux Fan

    My fear here is that this was some sort of “initiation” party for the freshman players and will get turned into a hazing event. If this happens bad things will happen.

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