NCHC Hires Adam As Director Of Officials

The NCHC has hired Don Adam as its director of officiating.

Adam will not ref in the league, rather hold an administrative job recruiting and overseeing the league’s referees.

The coaches in the league recommended Adam for the job, many citing his communication skills as one of his best assets.

“Don is very well respected throughout college hockey,” UND coach Dave Hakstol said. “Over the years his officiating style has constantly evolved as changes have come to the way the game is played and he is very well equipped to build a quality staff of officials for the NCHC.”

Omaha coach Dean Blais added: “Don Adam brings a wealth of experience in officiating to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference. Don, as Director of Officiating, will be active in evaluating, recruiting, coaching and directing our conference officiating staff according to NCAA rules and regulations. He is a great communicator and will have a lot of significant responsibilities with our new conference. We are all looking forward to his role and leadership with our officiating program.”

Denver coach George Gwozdecky said: “For over two decades, Don Adam has been regarded as one of the top hockey officials in the NCAA. His leadership skills, organizational ability along with his experience will be a valuable asset to the conference and will assure that, under his direction, the league will receive the finest collegiate officiating available.”

Adam will still ref in the WCHA this season. He starts his job with the NCHC at the conclusion of the 2012-13 season.

11 Responses

  1. UNDAlum_GoSioux

    First big strike against the NCHC. They should have nothing to do with WCHA officials in any capacity. Next thing you know, Adam will be hiring his buddies.

  2. UND standout Taz Boy further added: “Don Adam’s new role in the NCHC will in no way impede my ability to impress the ladies; I’ve confirmed there are no plans to restrict the amount of awesome one can bring to a collegiate hockey event.”

  3. SiouxperKev

    Donny must have some dirty pictures of someone to keep being employed like this. I wonder how any of the coaches could keep a straight face when making those statements. Just working the officials like they have to. Like many have said, at least Don’s not on the ice (but his buddies wont be far behind).

  4. Ryan

    I’m ok with this hire. Despite all the whining from fans, Don is one of the best as are many of the WCHA refs. I have a suspicion that many people that complain would be unhappy no matter who was hired or who is on the ice at games. “The grass is always greener…” They say.

  5. Sioux5

    This guy shouldn’t be able to ref an kind of hockey period! Especially after he watched Robbie Bena get hit from behind (and get his neck broken) yet failed to call a penalty!!!

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