Read The 2012 GFH College Hockey Preview Online

The 2012 Grand Forks Herald college hockey preview section has now been posted online.

To read the section, go here.

The section has a page on each UND men’s class, a farewell to the WCHA, a list of the top 10 recruits coming into the league, a list of the league’s top 10 players, a national forecast and a page on the women’s team.

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    1. PhilPoganski

      Cable one is sooooo generous. All I need to do now is purchase a digital package. The games were on the basic / standard package in the past. It’s only another $10 / month so it won’t break the bank. But it’s the principal of it all. Cable 1 doesn’t have to pay for the games from FSSN anymore and they get us to pay another $120 a year. Good business. Still no resolution for next year when they aren’t on FCS.

    2. Wayne

      Yes, but they didn’t sign on to the Midco package. That means those in Fargo will only get the home games via FCSA. To get that channel you have to buy the digital package. And remember it will only be for this season. Next year those in Fargo will be back to square one with no coverage unless CableOne gets the Midco package or adds the CBS sports channel. Midco would be the best deal as it would include so much more than just 4 UND hockey games. Without Midco we’re missing UND football, and all other local sports that they televise including high school football. CableOne stated about half of their subscribers have the digital package. That means half will still be without. It’s still not a good situation for those in Fargo.

  1. Mark

    I’d LOVE to see Midco in Fargo. Not sure why CableOne appears to have a stranglehold on Cable in this town–they have to be padding someone’s salary to keep it exclusive. Competition is good for the consumer. Monopolies or close are not! I have a choice between Dish, Direct and Cableone. I choose Satellite as Cableone doesn’t offer enough sports channels. You get Atlantic, Central and Pacific for Fox on Cableone and that’s it. Pretty tired of it for sure.

    We want MidCo!
    We want MidCo!

    Who do I have to pay to get them into Fargo?

  2. Mark

    And why doesn’t Corban Knight get any respect. To put an unproven player on the same team ahead of him (Grimaldi) and to not include him as a top 10 player in the league to me is just wrong. He brings the complete package to the game. Faceoffs, goals, assists (if Kristo has a big year it will likely be mostly due to Knight) PP, PK, etc. To me Knight brings it all. He lacks some speed compared to the other two but makes up for it with good positioning, etc. Don’t understand why he’s not more highly touted. I guess he wasn’t drafted high enough?

  3. Wes in Denver

    @Mark. I’d have to agree. Knight is a very well rounded player with a great hockey sense. You hardly see him not in the correct position. To be a center on the top line (assuming two years in a row for this season), he’s clearly doing something correct. He has quitely flown under the radar; maybe he likes it that way. I truly do enjoy watching him play as he knows what he’s doing every time he steps on the ice. Maybe the accolades will come to him at the end of this season 🙂

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