Gameday Final: UND 5, Manitoba 3

Welcome to the first exhibition game of the season. Live chat application is below. Lines are below the chat.

First period

UND 1, Manitoba 0 — Carter Rowney (Mark MacMillan, Derek Forbort) 11:33. Rowney picks up a loose puck in the slot, skates a couple of strides toward the right circle and snaps one through Caligiuri.

UND 1, Manitoba 1 — Tyler Dittmer (Jeremy Schappert) 13:00. Dittmer has the puck at the top, Knight goes for a steal, misses, so Dittmer walks in and blasts one by Saunders.

UND 2, Manitoba 1 — Danny Kristo (Nick Mattson, Andrew Panzarella) 17:07. Highlight goal by Kristo, carrying the puck from his own end, burning two Manitoba players along the boards and snapping a shot five-hole from the right circle.

Second period

UND 3, Manitoba 1 — Mark MacMillan (Carter Rowney, Michael Parks) 1:06. Rowney enters the zone 1 on 2 and tries to split the defense. The defenders knock Rowney off the puck, but it stays in the slot, where MacMillan follows up, moves to the backhand and scores.

UND 4, Manitoba 1 — Corban Knight (Danny Kristo) 4:29. Kristo and Knight work a give-and-go. Knight gets the puck in heavy traffic in the low slot and makes a great paly to put it away.

UND 4, Manitoba 2 — Dane Crowley (Brandon Lockerby, Paul Ciarelli) 8:50. Lockerby blasts one from the point wide, but it takes a long rebound off the end wall and goes to the crease. Crowley finds it behind Gothberg and jams it in.

Third period

UND 4, Manitoba 3 — Blair Macaulay 11:43. Gothberg misplays the puck behind the net and it leads to an easy wraparound score for Macaulay.

UND 5, Manitoba 3 — Derek Forbort (Carter Rowney) 17:44. Forbort blasts a shot from the left point to the top corner of the net.

UND’s lines

9 Drake Caggiula–10 Corban Knight–7 Danny Kristo
16 Mark MacMillan–27 Carter Rowney–15 Michael Parks
21 Brendan O’Donnell–19 Rocco Grimaldi–13 Connor Gaarder
28 Stephane Pattyn–17 Colten St. Clair–11 Derek Rodwell
29 Bryn Chyzyk–26 Coltyn Sanderson

5 Nick Mattson–22 Andrew Panzarella
4 Derek Forbort–24 Jordan Schmaltz
18 Dillon Simpson–20 Joe Gleason

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg
35 Tate Maris

Not in lineup: Andrew MacWilliam (inj), Dan Senkbeil

Manitoba’s lines

10 Brendan Rowinski–19 Ian Duval–26 Blair Macaulay
21 Del Cowan–25 Paul Ciarelli–9 Matthew Lowry
29 Luke Cain–11 James Henry–27 Tyler Feakes
18 Dylan Kelly–14 Nathan Green–15 Jesse Paradis
17 Austin Lauder

4 Jeremy Schappert–20 Brandon Lockerby
6 Brock Sutherland–2 Dane Crowley
3 Eric Mestery–24 Travis Bobbee
5 Lee Christensen

1 Joe Caligiuri
35 JEsse Deckert

26 Responses

    1. JB

      No doubt. At the end of the game he had both goaltenders wrong. I think he gave rowneys goal to McMillan and never bothered to check the scoresheet to correct it. This could be a long season. Bring Sweeney back!!! Bring Sweeney back!! But..I guess we should give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s his first game too.

      1. Pete

        Umm, Hammer used to do UND hockey TV back in the early 80s with Tim O’Keefe. The Herald did a story when he was hired that calling UND hockey games is his dream job. Pretty sure he is familiar with hockey.

        I think almost everyone missed the goalie switch. Never was announced on the PA. Someone said the Hennessy on the radio didn’t notice until the third.

  1. baskr

    I have nothing against sweeny but the funny thing about Hammer is that he was the voice of the Sioux long before Mr. Sweeny. Hammer called like the first 10 Frozen Fours…..long before a place called ESPN. Before passing judgement give Hammer a chance. He is a great hockey mind

  2. Siouxfan_42

    did Faison know how bad the quality was going to be when he signed this tv deal? becasue the tv quality was horrible!! and with people having to pay extra just to get games they are going to want to at least see the game in good quality! maybe it was just my tv so correct me if u guys didnt see a difference

    1. Paul

      The TV picture quality for me, fox college sports on charter cable was BAD. Like webcast on the computer hooked to the tv bad. After the game checked one from last year I had saved on the tivo and difference is night and day. Even the commercials looked bad, so I gotta think this has something to do with how midco is transmitting their broadcast. Were you watching on midco in grand forks or on fox college sports on cable or satellite outside the region?

    2. Wayne

      Oh yea, don’t adjust your TV, it was terrible. At the start they didn’t even have the picture and audio in sync. But they did do some tweaking and it got a lot better. But still no way to the quality that we used to have. As for Mr. Faison’s deal, let me put it this way. Most teams, including the Gophers are going the way of high definition while UND appears to be going the other direction back 50 or 60 years ago to the test pattern and rabbit ear era.

      1. Peter

        Faison mandated Midco go HD, which they might have by next year, but why get facts in the way of a bitter message board comment?

        1. Wayne

          Wish I had some facts? Never heard or read anything about HD. In fact, that is the whole problem. No real facts about anything. Bitter? Yes I’m bitter. CableOne has not added Midco in Fargo and it seems they’re not even negotiating. Again, “no facts” are given. Emails are not replied to, phone calls are not returned, and no information in the papers. I’m paying almost $2,000.00 a year for their services, guess that doesn’t include facts. Oh yea, I get games this year on FCS but just the 20 hockey games, nothing else. But don’t forget that is just this year. Next year is in doubt for any games at all? Guess I have a reason to be bitter.

  3. StuckDownSouth

    Hammer is nothing special. At least there is a PP clock now. That’s all i can say good about the new tv deal. the entire package is weak. why change from something that was almost retro (mostly because of sweeny’s suit jackets)… to something that is just bland? ps… give katie a box to stand on before her neck starts to hurt. also looks more than awkward.

    1. Sioux4ever

      Fox college sports definitely needs to broadcast their channels in high def. Midco needs to step it up with the camera quality. Great team, great arena, great tradition, yet crappy video quality

  4. Wayne

    This board is way better than Google, so I have a question. Just who is Katie O’keefe?? I find a website from her business online, but no real information. Her name is Katie O’keefe-Hale. Could she be the wife of David Hale?? Also is she a relation of Tim O’keefe? Living in Fargo takes one out of the mainstream media. Hoping somebody can fill my wife and I in a little. It’s terrible when your wife asks you a question and you don’t have an answer!!!

  5. Kb

    Tim is Katie’s uncle I believe. Also she’s married To Ryan Hale, not David. Used to do interviews and such during Heartland Poker Tour events. Not sure she does that anymore.

    1. Wayne

      Thanks for the info. Just kind of took a guess on the Hale part. At least now my wife won’t cut me off (I’ll get supper tonight!).

  6. Sioux guy

    I don’t know about the FCS feed, but the game on midcontinent was fine, if not a little better than in the past. As for the Hammer/Sweeney debate, I don’t think there is a huge difference there. Also, remember Koberinski filled in for Scanlan in the past with Sweeney as well.

  7. Sioux4ever

    Definitely want Sweeney and Scanlan back. Just wasnt the same without them. And what was with that opening song thing? Was like watching Monday night football……

  8. Kdthhhhsfg

    Trust me,Midco will be better. Hd coming sometime in the next season or two. Takes a while to transition, but it will be better

    1. Cutter

      Unfortunately, it won’t be available to those of us outside the region. If I lived in the region, I would be at the game. The overall TV situation has become laughable. Like it or not Faison was part of it. Can’t wait to watch my Internet feed next year.

  9. Kdthhhhsfg

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but cable one and whoever gave them Fargo is the issue. Ever notice cable one is the only option in Fargo? I’m guessing all emails should be directed to whoever is allowing the monopoly in fargos city limits. City of Fargo? No idea? But it’s not midco’s fault, and if I had a monopoly, I would play hard ball too.

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