WCHA Ref Reportedly Arrested For Bomb Threat In Airport

WCHA referee Peter Friesema was arrested for making a bomb threat at Ted Stevens International Airport on Sunday morning after the official worked the season-opening Kendall Hockey Classic, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The Daily News reported that the airport was evacuated for about three hours and that the threat was determined to be non-credible.

Friesema reffed the Alaska-Canisius game on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. Roger Federer

    ya know what. i take my last comment back. I just read the article about it and I actually feel sorry for this guy. It sounds like it was just a really boneheaded attempt at a joke.

  2. nodaksioux

    Very stupid thing to say, he should definately be punished for it, but does anyone think what happened after the stupid comment was made even neccessary? Couldn’t common sense prevail over federal regulations to avert all the expenses and delays that followed the stupid comment? In the context of how the comment came out, I guaruntee nobody had any reason to think there was actually a bomb in the bag. The airport should sue the federal government for having to follow regulations that don’t allow for any common sense. Won’t life be fun when the government runs every part of our lives from Washington?

    1. Roger Federer

      hahah. i was gonna say that, but I didn’t know if anybody would get the reference.

      btw, as we all know, all terrorist bombers make jokes about bombs when they are going through security, so it’s a good thing they took that comment seriously.

  3. siouxfaninbisoncountry

    Maybe he should sue the TSA for not following protocol. Maybe if they would have asked his friend the proper questions Friesma would not have had to.

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