Ref Friesema Suspended Indefinitely

The WCHA announced today that referee Peter Friesema has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest at the Anchorage airport for making a comment about a bomb.

The full story of the incident is detailed by the Anchorage Daily News here.

Friesema is currently not being allowed to leave Alaska.

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  1. Alaskana

    I was at two of the games Friesma reffed on Friday and Saturday night in Anchorage (UAA vs. Canisius) and (UAA vs. USAF). The next morning I was reading the paper and heard about someone who was arrested for causing part of the airport to shut down. Imagine to my surprise when I read that it was one of the WCHA refs at the games I had just attended. I’ve heard he posted bail yesterday but he’s still prohibited from leaving Alaska and unable to fly at the moment anyways.

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