What Will The Alaska Nanook Destroy This Season?

This weekend, I will get to cross a big item off my college hockey “to-do” list.

I will get to see the season premiere of Alaska’s intro video.

The big question is what the Nanook will go for this year. A couple years ago, after destroying the campuses of Michigan State and Ohio State, he went for the whole universe.

Can the Nanook top that this year? We’ll have to wait and see.

[Here’s the old video]

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  1. shaun

    A lilttle bachground for you Brad on the Nooks video. The Nanooks actually got me back into hockey but UND became my home.

    So 24 miles down the road is Eielson Air Force Base where the F 16 is. The 18th Fighter Squadron (my old unit) became an agressor squadron (like Top Gun) with a new mission and new paint scheme. That year the Nanooks picked up on it too and started using the theme in their intro videos. It was a hit with the community so they stuck with it. The atmosphere at the Carlson center will make any UND fan homesick but the intro video will please any fan. Have fun Brad

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