Friday Night Rewind

Five items of note from around the country:

1. Still not sold that St. Cloud State could contend for the MacNaughton Cup this year? How about going on the road to Denver and winning by three goals without Ben Hanowski? Very impressive outing for the Huskies.

2. Mike Cichy had two assists as Western Michigan topped Notre Dame 3-2 in a battle of two of the better teams in the country.

3. Michigan scored with less than a second left to force a 4-4 tie with Northern Michigan in a game that the Wildcats led 4-1 at one point.

4. Union beat RPI 4-2 but may have lost one of the country’s better defensemen. Union captain Mat Bodie left early in the first with an upper-body injury and did not return.

5. Colorado College’s Alexander Krushelnyski scored 25 seconds into OT to lift the Tigers to a 5-4 win over Wisconsin on Bob Johnson Day in Madison. It was a back-and-forth game.

WCHA top performers

3 points — Connor Gaarder, UND, 3 goals
3 points — Eamonn McDermott, CC, 3 assists
2 points — Nic Dowd, SCSU, 2 goals

UND 4, Boston University 2

Highlights of the game

Connor Gaarder tallied the WCHA’s first hat trick of the season to lead UND to a big nonconference win over the Terriers in Ralph Engelstad Arena. Game stories:

Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks Herald column on Gaarder


Daily Free Press

Other notes:

  • From a fan’s perspective, it was a wonderful game full of scoring chances, great plays and some pretty good goaltending on both sides.
  • As someone noted in the comments section, not a single player had more than one assist on Gaarder’s three goals. That is very unusual.
  • Rocco Grimaldi now has a seven-game point streak after his brilliant setup on the game-winning goal. Another very dynamic game for Grimaldi.
  • Grimaldi was asked about Ben Rosen’s tweet after the game. He mentioned that the team saw it and added that it wasn’t a huge deal. “That’s social media. You say what you want and you get ripped. I know how that goes.”
  • UND outshot BU 12-1 to start the third period and really dictated play for the final 20 minutes. The final shot count was 35-22 UND.
  • Officiating was a talking point for this one. UND should have had the go-ahead goal earlier than it did when the refs blew dead a play where Gaarder had scored. Right after that, UND got a make-up tripping call. UND also obviously disagreed with the major to Andrew MacWilliam.
  • I don’t know who is going to hit more posts this year — Danny Kristo or Grimaldi. Kristo added two more to his list in the first period. He’s very close to opening the floodgates.
  • Clarke Saunders was terrific in the first period. BU had a bunch of good looks and he was square to all of them, making them look easy. Very impressive period for Saunders, allowing his team to get going.
  • BU coach Jack Parker was very pleased with Sean Maguire in net, but will go with Matt O’Connor in the series finale. No word on who will start for UND.
  • BU brought a pretty solid group of fans. I don’t remember a Hockey East team bringing so many fans to a game at The Ralph. A few years ago, Cornell also had some lively fans at REA.

16 Responses

  1. Yajji

    2 comments… While Grimaldi’s set up was sweet, you that goal is null if Gaarder doesn’t slam on the brakes and park in front of the net… Underrated play…

    I noticed a lot of people on the blog and in the rewind saying that was a make up trip… The trip wasn’t called on Grimaldi… It was a no brainer tripping call back in the Sioux zone before the rush…

    Great game to watch!

  2. guest

    The tweet was a picture out the window after landing that said “Just landed in North Dakota. Nothing out here but 4 points”

  3. zapper

    Brad, Why didn’t the refs at least do a video review on the disallowed goal. That is why Hak was so upset and called a timeout to discuss further.

  4. Siouxnami

    And with WCHA reffing you can fall to the ice and hold your head and a major penalty will be called. That was a solid legal hit by Big Mac. Please keep WCHA reffing out of the NCHC!

  5. G&W in Denver

    That was a great game. I see a lot of people complaining about Hammer and the cable company. From my perspective watching on UND Insider, the quality is good. The first week of play, the picture was really dark, but they seemed to have fixed that. I’m not sure what the problems are there. I think Hammer and gang are doing just fine. I do miss seeing the local commercials though. At break times, the screen just goes black on UND Insider. I hope tonight’s game is as active as last night. I’m sure the Bostonians had tons of fun last night in Forks.

    1. Wayne

      Will somebody please explain to Mr. Hockey Hammer just what a natural hat trick is??? He repeatedly called it wrong many times!

      1. Roger Federer

        Actually, it’s confusing because there are two different accepted definitions of a “natural hat trick”

        Three in one period


        Three in a row

        If somebody meets either requirement, I think it’s OK to call it a natural hat trick, personally.

        1. Wayne

          A natural hat trick is 3 in a row by the same player with “no other goals” sandwitched between by either team.

  6. Mark

    Actually a hat trick in one period is called a Pure hat trick. 3 in a row by the same player is a Natural hat trick.

  7. Elizabeth

    Have you seen the tweets and blog from Bay State Road Sports? I am so offended by all the things that “blog” has been posting. Taking jabs at North Dakota fans for their appearance, calling all North Dakotans backwards and racist, and accusing others of being incestuous goes far beyond the duties of a sports blog. Is there some way of reporting this vile person for his offensive statements?

    1. cbrooks

      Just deal with it elizabeth…its the internet. If he wants to look like a jerk…that’s his prerogative.

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