Lemieux Headed To Barrie

Brendan Lemieux won’t be suiting up for UND after all.

The forward from Ontario, who committed to UND in February, tweeted that he’s headed to Barrie in the morning. Barrie is home of the OHL franchise that drafted Lemieux during the summer.

At the time of the draft, Lemieux said he would not be reporting to Barrie because of his commitment to UND, and he started the season in Green Bay of the USHL in order to maintain his college eligibility. But obviously, something wasn’t working out there as he left the Gamblers.

Lemieux wasn’t expected to come to UND until 2014, so the coaches have some time to find a replacement for him.

Lemieux, the son of former NHLer Claude Lemieux, had 1 goal and 1 assist in 11 games for the Gamblers.

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    1. Yeah, I am not thinking this is really that big of a loss, if he can’t score at Green Bay what makes him think he’s going to score goals in the OHL?

  1. Tim French

    Whether he was having a good start to the year or not, it is just sad to see another recruit change their mind. Are we losing the value of the word ‘committment’? I can understand extenuating circumstances but this sounds like he wasn’t happy and felt he had no other options. I won’t lower myself and degrade the kid and be thankful he’s gone. Good luck in the OHL kid. I hope you realize sometime in your life that your word should mean something.

  2. ACF1

    I don’t know the circumstances or anything behind this decision. But I as a general rule have zero respect for these players who do this.

  3. SH

    The thing that bothers me most is the way he quit on his team only a month or two into the season. Things weren’t going his way, he wasn’t producing like he thought he would, Green Bay is struggling… instead of grinding it out with his team he decided to pack up and bail.

    Not a very good teammate and we certainly don’t have room for those types of players at UND. Imagine what would have happened last year if players decided to bail after the 1-0 loss to Bemidji. Instead, they pulled together and went on a nice run in the second half.

    At least the coaches will have plenty of time to fill Lemieux’s spot.

    1. crb1

      I do understand some circumstances but I agree with most of your comment. That really doesn’t speak well to the person regardless of if he came to UND or not. I am sure he has lived a charmed life and doesn’t take to kindly to when things don’t go his way. My only hope is that others like the young schmaltz kid and other high-enders don’t follow suit.

    2. Sioux guy

      So what do you think about Mitch MacMillan leaving St. Cloud halfway through last season and coming here?

      1. SH

        Wasn’t happy when Mitch did it to SCSU, wasn’t happy when Kyle Okposo did it to the Gophs. If a guy wants to leave during the offseason, fine. Don’t bail during the season. I imagine I’m in the minority as I’m sure most will give these players the benefit of the doubt and say they more than likely had a good reason for leaving. Maybe so, but I still don’t like the practice.

  4. Fighting Sioux Fan in STL

    Hey Brad,
    Do you have any thoughts on the current CHLPA/CHL debacle, wherein the CHL lawyers called themselves an Amateur Organization, instead of a Professional Org?? Also after reading more of it, I think Hak & Co. need to get the NCAA to revisit NCAA bylaw, as the CHL is no longer considered Pro Teams from Canadian Hockey Association.

    There are some great reads out there on this subject..

  5. Travis

    Question about the SCSU series this weekend. We are in Rogers, MN and are attending Saturday’s game. Is Friday’s game on Direct TV or only availble by streaming?


  6. GTHL Insider

    Believe me UND fans, you lucked out this time! I predicted he would last 3 months in Green Bay, I was a little off!

    My son played in the GTHL for a couple of years while Lemieux was there. Never have I or my fellow parents witnessed a bigger spolied brat of a kid. He got into half a dozen fights in his first half year with the Marlies after arriving from Arizona. That fall he ended up with the Toronto Red Wings, but that coach had had enough of him by October and was all set to release him until daddy Claude stepped up, bought the team and installed young Brendan as captain. Numerous defections from a pretty good team followed. The kid was not allowed to play in the GTHL all-star game because he went after an opponent with his stick in the hallway of the rink after game.
    This kid needs tremendous guidance on the road to becomnig a decent person, never mind hockey. Mommy and daddy have clearly indulged the kid his whole life.
    UND fans, breathe a huge sigh of relief you luck out bg time here…..just curious how the school’s recruiters never caught wind of it as everyone in Toronto knew this kid’s act inside and out!

  7. Fighting Sioux Fan in STL

    Forgot to talk about the $50 stipened, deal in the CHL, as many CHL players by the sounds of it are willing to get rid of it, in lieu of keeping their NCAA eligibility..

    Also Brad, would be cool to see you do a comparison to what they did on this WHL team from 5 years ago:

    I think UND or some another school would prove why it’s great for a player to go the NCAA route, for both Pro contracts for players, as well as education for the others. I don’t think UND would have 18% of their roster unaccounted for, which is 5 players…

    I count 6 players from UND who are in the NHL/AHL and that was by 1st glance..

    Sorry just bored on a Mooooonday

  8. A question about following the status of UND recruits. The SiouxSports site has a recruits section and I am wondering who updates and how often? Currently it shows the already arrived 2012 class but shows Drake coming in next year. It also does not show the latest recruits or the latest decommits. I am not upset, just have no other way to see who is coming and when! Thanks!

  9. GTHL Insider

    I understand it is not so much the CHL stipend that offends the NCAA folks, but rather the fact there are players in the CHL with pro contracts already…..apparently that is the number one sticking point.

    I find this funny as US collegians are “contaminated” every year when they mix to compete for the US in the U20 World Junior Championships, and yet the NCAA turns a blind eye to this situation…….hypocrisy? Naaaaaaah. LOL

    1. Fighting Sioux Fan in STL

      Exactly, about “contaminated” during WJC’s.. Which is why I remember Hak & Co. going on record about wanting CHL eligibility to be looked upon last year, I thought I read that on this blog…

      I understand the process of some CHL kids getting some NHL money, and getting sent back to the CHL, which is because the CHL demands that a player can’t be sent from the NHL to the AHL, they have to be sent to CHL unless they’re over the age of 19 I do believe..

      From the NHL people I’ve talked to (Agent’s/Mgmt) off the record they want some of these Blue Chip prospects playing in the AHL rather then dominating the CHL.. I’ve witnessed NHL teams simply hold on to Players from the start of training camp, all the way to the World Juniors before assigning them back to the CHL.. Had the rule by the CHL not been in place (because according to the CHL it’s an Amateur league not a PRO league) these kids would’ve been sent to the AHL instead..

      I guess since if the kid plays one game of CHL hockey he’s given a whole year of tier 2 education of tuition & books.. lol

      1. GTHL Insider

        I don’t understand your reference to “tier 2″ education and books” but if you’re referring to Canadian universities I’m afraid you are sorely misguided. Some of the best post-secondary institutions in the world can be accessed through the education packages available to CHL players, in Canada.

        I’m not a fan on major junior only because I believe it is un-wise for the majority of 16 year olds to be shipped off at such a young age to be left to their own devices, and under such intense pressure.

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