BU Suspends D-man After Incident At UND

Boston University has suspended defenseman Alexx Privitera for one game for “violating team rules” according to the Daily Free Press.

A UND student with a large welt on his forehand said that Privitera hit him in the head with his stick Friday night when leaving the penalty box at the end of the second period. The student section boo’d Privitera every time he touched the puck the rest of the night.

After the game, Privitera basically admitted to the incident, saying that the booing had something to do with “a stick in the penalty box.”

Boston University coach Jack Parker said it was Privitera’s best weekend of play.

8 Responses

  1. The fan probably deserved it. I’m glad that nobody was seriously hurt, and am thankful no Sioux player in memory has ever done something like this. In the end the fan leaves with a good story, and the player leaves with a suspension.

  2. rower212@gmail.com

    They have to bring criminal charges. what happens if he lost an eye? The school has to or they will be setting themselves up for huge liability down the road

  3. MHS

    This is not the first time, nor will it be the last that something like this happens in the penalty box. Over the past few years students, myself included have been sprayed with water bottles, had snow dumped on us, spat at, and on one occasion an individual had a water bottle thrown through the gap which hit him in the face and busted his lip. It is part of the experience for those who want to sit there and taunt.

  4. Legal Mind

    Doesn’t matter if the fan was verbally giving it to this player. He made physical contact with a large stick, I hope he gets sued.

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