Keeping The ‘staches?

The UND women’s team has put the staff in a tough predicament.

During the month of November, the staff (coaches, operations, sports info) decided to participate in Movember — growing mustaches to help raise money for prostate cancer.

You can check out their ‘staches and help donate to the good cause here (keep in mind, a couple of these guys are still single and are sacrificing any hope of a relationship for the cause. They deserve some support).

The month is about to come to an end and, in most cases, everyone is getting ready to finally shave.

The problem is that the women’s team has won five games in a row now, including the first-ever sweep of Minnesota-Duluth. The offense is rolling, the wins are coming and everyone is feeling better on that side of the rink.

Does the staff really risk shaving off the ‘staches now and ending the karma? Word is that they have discussed this and they are starting to accept that they have no other option than to keep the ‘staches until the team loses.

UND hosts RIT this weekend and then travels to Wisconsin next weekend. It will be difficult for the team to run off four more wins, but if they do so, the team breaks for a month and the staff may have to keep the ‘staches over the holiday break.

So, as the first half winds down for the UND women’s team, they have plenty of momentum and plenty of motivation to keep it up.