Gameday Final: Colorado College 5, UND 3

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First period

Colorado College 1, UND 0 — Jared Hanson (Michael Morin, Jeff Collett) 7:35. Rowney holds the puck in the high slot, but has it stolen from him and the Tigers go on a 3-on-1 rush. Hanson keeps the puck on the left wing and snaps a shot over Saunders’ glove.

Second period

Colorado College 1, UND 1 — Joe Gleason (Corban Knight) 6:11. Knight wins a faceoff clean back to Gleason who snipes a point shot off the post and in.

Colorado College 2, UND 1 — Alexander Krushelnyski (Scott Winkler, Charlie Taft) 9:32.The Tigers score on their first chance in a long period of time when Winkler sends a pass to Krushelnyski in the slot. Although it is well defended, Krushelnyski flips a backhand past Saunders.

Third period

Colorado College 3, UND 1 — William Rapuzzi (Scott Winkler, Alex Krushelnyski) 1:03. UND turns the puck over behind the net. The Tigers start throwing the puck at Saunders and eventually, Rapuzzi gets it at the inside of the circle and flips it in.

Colorado College 4, UND 1 — Scott Winkler (Charlie Taft, Alexander Krushelnyski) 11:45. Winkler picks up the puck behind the net, tries a wraparound and Saunders doesn’t quite get over to the post in time.

Colorado College 4, UND 2 — Drake Caggiula (Rocco Grimaldi, Nick Mattson) 12:42. Caggiula dangles a defender in the slot and slips a shot past Howe five-hole.

Colorado College 5, UND 2 — Scott Winkler (Krushelnyski, Taft) 13:02. Colorado College converts on a rush. Winkler has a wide open net to look at after Saunders kicks aside a Krushelnyski shot.

Colorado College 5, UND 3 — Drake Caggiula (Derek Forbort, Connor Gaarder) 18:55 (pp) (ea). Forbort’s point shot hits Caggiula in the leg and goes in the net.

UND’s lines

16 Mark MacMillan–10 Corban Knight–7 Danny Kristo
9 Drake Caggiula–27 Carter Rowney–19 Rocco Grimaldi
28 Stephane Pattyn–17 Colten St. Clair–11 Derek Rodwell
8 Dan Senkbeil–13 Connor Gaarder–21 Brendan O’Donnell

2 Andrew MacWilliam–5 Nick Mattson
18 Dillon Simpson–20 Joe Gleason
4 Derek Forbort–24 Jordan Schmaltz

33 Clarke Saunders
31 Zane Gothberg

Colorado College’s lines

12 Archie Skalbeck–13 Rylan Schwartz–27 William Rapuzzi
16 Alexander Krushelnyski–25 Scott Winkler–17 Charlie Taft
11 Hunter Fejes–10 Cody Bradley–15 Andrew Hamburg
19 Michael Morin–21 Jeff Collett–24 Jared Hanson

6 Peter Stoykewych–28 Mike Boivin
5 Aaron Harstad–7 Eamonn McDermott
20 Ian Young–4 Joe Marciano

31 Joe Howe
39 Josh Thorimbert
29 Courtney Lockwood

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  1. Fennis

    And can we stop this Winkler kid?

    Don’t take his the wrong way, but would the d have been this bad with eades still here? I am a fan of brad berry. Big fan. Something isn’t clicking here. That’s the one big change from last year. What gives?

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