Friday Night Rewind

Five highlights from around the country:

1. Jerry York’s attempt at matching Ron Mason as the winningest coach in college hockey history will have to wait another day. Boston University spoiled it by beating the Eagles 4-2. York’s next chance is tonight against the Terriers.

2. Longtime Minnesota hockey fans may have felt like it was deja vu with an Archibald and a Zombo scoring for the other team. Omaha used a goal and two assists by Archibald and a goal by Zombo to win its seventh straight game, a 3-1 decision over Minnesota in Mariucci Arena.

3. Hayden Trupp, the younger brother of former UND star Evan Trupp, scored his first-career goal for Anchorage tonight. The Seawolves built a 3-0 lead on St. Cloud State, but gave up four straight and lost 4-3 in overtime.

4. Yvan Pattyn, the brother of UND sophomore Stephane Pattyn, scored his first-career goal for Vermont, which topped Maine 2-1. The Black Bears, believe it or not, fell to 2-10-1 with the loss.

5. Minnesota-Duluth transfer Brady Hjelle posted a 1-0 shutout victory for Ohio State over Michigan State. Hjelle now ranks second nationally in goals-against average (1.26) and save percentage (.957).

WCHA top performers

4 points — Scott Winkler, CC, 2 goals, 2 assists
4 points — Alexander Krushelnyski, CC, 1 goal, 3 assists
3 points — Austin Farley, Duluth, 2 goals, 1 assist
3 points — Josh Archibald, Omaha, 1 goal, 2 assists
3 points — Caleb Herbert, Duluth, 1 goal, 2 assists
3 points — Justin Crandall, Duluth, 1 goal, 2 assists
3 points — Charlie Taft, CC, 3 assists
2 points — Drake Caggiula, UND, 2 goals
2 points — Jimmy Murray, SCSU, 2 goals
Shutout — Stephon Williams, MSU, 20 saves

Colorado College 5, UND 3

UND did just about everything we’ve been waiting to see — the team had great puck possession, they cycled the puck, they outshot their opponent badly, they created a ton of Grade A scoring chances and they went to the net hard and consistently. It may sound strange, but perhaps UND’s most encouraging outing in the last few weeks ends up in a two-goal loss. Game stories:

Grand Forks Herald

Grand Forks Herald column

Colorado Springs Gazette

Joe Paisley blog

Other notes:

  • In a bizarre stat, UND has lost the last four games that it has outshot its opponent by 20-plus shots (Last night’s game; 4-0 loss to SCSU in Oct. 2011; 5-4 loss to Wisconsin in Oct. 2011; 2-0 loss to Michigan in April 2011). The last time UND outshot an opponent by 20 and won was March 2011 against Michigan Tech. Prior to that stretch, UND won seven straight games when outshooting its opponent by 20-plus.
  • If UND plays the rest of the way like it did on Friday night, it will win a lot of games. UND dominated most of the game and deserved a better fate.
  • Every player on UND’s roster registered at least one shot on goal. I’m not sure if I’ve seen that before.
  • Clarke Saunders wasn’t as sharp as he’s been this season. He may want the wraparound back. It looked like he was going to get to the post in time.
  • UND won the faceoff battle 47-26 — and that was with Connor Gaarder going 1-10. The top three centers — Corban Knight (22-8), Colten St. Clair (11-2) and Carter Rowney (10-5) were all dominant.
  • The move of St. Clair to center and Rocco Grimaldi to right wing seemed to help the team’s puck possession, especially when it comes to faceoffs. St. Clair was lights out. Grimaldi had been struggling in that area (he was dynamic Friday and made some great setups for teammates).
  • Rylan Schwartz, who had 8 goals in the last 3 games against UND, was pretty quiet.  He registered just one shot on goal and was a minus-1. He also went 5-12 in the faceoff circle.
  • Things haven’t come easy for Rowney this season and tonight was a good example. He had several Grade A scoring chances, including a wide open net with about 35 seconds left, and couldn’t put any of them away.
  • Dan Senkbeil played his first game of the season. I thought he did his job. He didn’t get a whole lot of ice time. It will be interesting to see if the coaches go back with him tonight or if they go with Bryn Chyzyk, who also made the trip.
  • It was a good day for the Edina Hornets. Charlie Taft had a career-high three assists. Joe Gleason scored his second-career goal (both have come in World Arena). Gleason had a strong all-around game. He used his speed to create some chances and gain the zone, and he also was physical at times to win puck battles.
  • Hakstol said that the line of St. Clair, Stephane Pattyn and Derek Rodwell set the tone for taking the puck to the net early. St. Clair did it on his first shift and Pattyn got a couple to the crease area as well.

10 Responses

    1. Andy

      I have a feeling this will be the year too! They looked good stat wise but they played against one of to worst D in all hockey!

      1. zapper

        Or Michigan, or Maine. This is a good Sioux team. They have more talent than last year’s team, which made their mark by overachieving with all the injuries. Keep the faith!

  1. Cole

    I for one am really getting tired of North Dakota fans expecting to win every game by 5 goals and blaming anyone they can think of when we don’t. No team can live up to those expectations. Slow start? Really? Look at Wisconsin 1-5-3 (WCHA) Duluth 2-5-2 (WCHA) Minnesota 4-3-2 (WCHA) and North Dakota at (3-2-2). Yes we haven’t won every game so far this season but I wouldn’t call it a slow start either.

    No, this isn’t the dominant team that we saw two seasons ago but this is still a very good hockey team. They still have numerous things to figure out, but what team doesn’t? I used to enjoy following along with the online chat for road games but I can no longer stand to see all of the negativity. Most games I get done reading the chat and have to remind myself that this team is not sitting at 0 wins and 7 losses. I don’t know how Brad and Jayson do it, I have resorted to having the mens hockey twitter feed redirected to text messages so that I can keep up to date that way, it may be a few seconds behind the play but it saves my sanity. In my opinion Brad and Jayson do a tremendous job with the blog, online chat and all the work they do but they deserve triple their pay for having to put up with unrealistic, cruel and narrow minded fans.

    North Dakota fans have been spoiled by incredible talent and unreal deep post season runs that have not resulted in the hard ware we necessarily want to have. Lets not forget that in the last 5 years our favorite team has brought home 3 Broadmoor Trophies and 2 MacNaughton Cup. Yes we have been teased and have not had the chance to hang a green banner but that is part of being a sports fan. If your team won every game they ever played it would be no fun to be a fan.

    I agree that the “second half run” will not work every year and frankly I am surprised it has worked for as many years as it has, but you can’t think that us fans are the only ones who realize that, do you? We have an incredible coach at the helm of this program who is doing everything he can to bring home a national championship. This team is full of talent and determination. I am not ready to throw this team or coaching staff under the bus. I can not think of any coach other than coach Hakstol that I want with the reigns of my favorite team. I believe that he will win this school a national championship and if its this year I will be right there cheering along but if its not I will be there supporting the team anyway.

    One of the greatest parts of being a North Dakota fan is getting to watch and support such a strong national contending program year in and year out but this should not entitle fans to be so unrealistic.

    Just my two cents.

    1. Viking1

      Sage words, but dont try and confuse the negative bozos with reality and cold hard facts; it causes major havoc with their willing suspension of disbelief. Some of the best entertainment around is monitoring the mentally-stunted faction spewing that drivel on the live blog, and I have a feeling the guys in the booth enjoy a lot of good belly laughs now and again over the inanity as well….. 🙂

  2. SportsDoc

    I agree with Cole.

    Sometimes people need to realize the opponent is talented and wants to win, too! It’s not like the Sioux play a cupcake schedule, either. They’ll be fine.

  3. Bradley

    God forbid anyone say anything negative about the Sioux. Slow start? Not really but if the guy thinks so let him. He is a fan as you and I are. Hate to see every fan be a robot and have the same treactions to a team every week.

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