Americans Crush Czechs; Rematch Vs. Canada Set

Team USA hammered the Czech Republic 7-0 in the quarterfinals of the World Junior Championship, setting up a showdown and rematch against Canada at 3 a.m. Thursday morning.

Johnny Gaudreau had a hat trick, while defensemen Jacob Trouba and Seth Jones each had four assists.

Two days after sitting on the bench for an entire game, UND freshman forward Rocco Grimaldi returned to the lineup and was quite dynamic for the American squad. Grimaldi made plays on nearly every shift, highlighted by a steal and breakaway in the second period. His shot attempt was denied.

Grimaldi played on a line with Tyler Biggs and Vince Trocheck — a line that may stay in tact  against Canada because of their play against the Czechs.

As the game wore on, Grimaldi started to get power-play time and nearly stuffed one home in the third period.

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  1. tkk

    Hard to predict who will play tomorrow, as Lucia was forced to take Grimaldi’s role watching from the bench, in spite of a huge lead and line/special teams juggling in the 3rd period.

  2. czupfer

    Not really sure why we make excuses for Rocco. Certainly a homer board if we are not willing to call it what it is… a terrible tournament for Rocco. He is currently second to last on the team in total points. No goals and an assist with a +1 when we have scored 26 goals and are +19 as a team. I appreciate all of the Mr. Hustle comments – I look for hustle from 4th line guys… not Rocco! Show up against Canada and then come back and lead us to the promise land. Has to be better for UND in the second half if we are going to compete.

      1. RR

        Well Brad, Therein lies the rub. At that level the expectations from the coaching staff is ice-time is earned not received.

        1. Siouxfan7inDenver

          give me the point stats for Miller & Gaudreau PRIOR to the Slovakia game–pretty sure they are similar… earned or received ice time??

          1. tkk

            Agree with faninDenver, why was Rocco singled out two days ago, and Lucia last night (although McKenzie and co. didn’t tweet anything about Lucia). Guess the top line not scoring in the round robin was all Rocco’s fault.

          2. RR

            Probably has as much to do with what happens during practice. Some guys view themselves as gamers and don’t bear down in practice. If the effort isn’t there in practice that could be a factor.

    1. FargoSiouxFan

      Have to disagree with you here …. this board was not making excuses for Rocco, we were looking for answers as to why he sat the entire game against Slovakia when it was very obvious to even the most casual hockey fan the entire US team was having issues with offense. In the (2) games prior to the Slovak game the US team had scored just 2 goals in 120 minutes! You do not put those results on a single player. I would like to see the teams’ stats prior to the Slovak game including TOI/ +- / and so on. I would bet Miller & Gaudreau would be eerily similiar to Rocco’s!

  3. Homerbrad

    Ice time smice time! He isn’t scoring no matter what line he’s been on and his attitude and lack of scoring put him on the bench. This is the biggest homer site there is ! No critism allowed on your blog right brad? Seth jones is a bad #1 pick. Similar to EJ. Americans have enough talent to beat anybody. Canada better get up quick or they re gonna be getting beat!

  4. Homerbrad

    In response to Sioux fan in Denver . I’m pretty sure Johnny Hockey had a hat trick against C Republic! How many point did Rocco score? How many does Rocco have total for wjc ?

    1. Siouxfan7inDenver

      ahhhhhh Homerbrad…you make chuckle….what did Johnny Hockey do sooooooo awesome on those goals–oh wait, he stood on the side of the net and got some garbage (the first two) and was set up by a nice pass from Miller (who has played just as poorly as anybody on the team)–come talk to me when he makes ONE play in his own end….the truth is, if your self proclaimed Johnny Hockey could’ve finished a couple breakaways against Canada & Russia this conversation would be irrelevant….The ENTIRE LINE was ineffective and to single out Grimaldi was a joke…

  5. shep

    Wow. Im not sure if we watched the same game or if youve been drinking the greeen koolaid too long. I used to think you saw the real game. The only thing dynamic from him today was how far he flew on that little crosscheck.

      1. shep

        Nope. The second time I watched the game it was even worse. He had opportunities to make some plays and either didnt make the pass, missed the pass, or shot the puck from behind the goal line. Maybe if he would’ve buried the puck on his steal? His drop to Biggs in the second was the one good shift he had this game. I think he’s a good player too; but why not talk about the guys stepping up instead of reaching so hard?

  6. Sioux-per-man

    Rocco has 2 games left, he’s won 2 World Junior Gold Medals. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has 2 Game winning Goals left in him. USA HAS to stay out of the penalty box to win against Cananda. If they start out strong and get a lead on Cananda, they need to keep attacking them if they want to win.

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