Cornell Coach Says He Won’t Come Back To WCHA

Cornell coach Mike Schafer told media after his team’s 2-1 loss to Denver that he won’t come back to the WCHA because of its officials.

At the end of the game, Cornell was assessed two majors, two misconducts and one disqualification (and Denver assessed nothing). Schafer took exception to the major and disqualification assessed to John McCarron for “obscene language.” Schafer said that penalty was “fabricated.”

The referees in the game were Johnathan Morrison and Chris Perrault.

Read the box score here.

See his whole rant below.

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  1. thecircus

    not quite the rant i was expecting. he seemed to hold is cool pretty well. I agree with him the officiating in this league is embarrassing

  2. Name*

    The wcha officiating is terrible but one of your kids talking trash to an opposing coach is inexcusable whether he swore or not.

    1. northdasotan

      How do we know he was trash talking Gwoz? What was the conversation between the two? From what this coach said, it doesn’t sound like he was trash talking. Didn’t Woog and Jason Blake get into a conversation back into the day? Good for this coach to make his point with out going off the handle. Maybe it will be a wake up for WCHA and the current officials.

      1. Name*

        Well the coach himself said that his guy told gwoz in the line that he was the biggest problem. No place for that.

        1. Sioux Fan Forever

          I believe he said that he was one of the biggest parts of the problem, which is true. How many times has DU gotten several power plays in a row after he has whined to the refs? Your players are going to try and get away with things when you let them and when you whine to the refs when they get called for it. As for Hexy talking trash to Gwoz, I don’t believe that has ever been confirmed as neither Hexy or Gwoz will talk about it.

  3. Siouxguy

    So I assume he will be playing NCHC teams, depending on who they get for officials then? Has he ever seen the kind of officiating the Sioux had in Maine?

    1. SiouxAviator

      The problem with that game was that the Sioux were expecting WCHA-style reffing, which is usually “lets take a nap for 15 minutes a period and use the whistle as an alarm clock.” Where the east coast refs actually do a pretty good job at keeping a game in line.

  4. John Ballard

    Hopefully Mr. Adams & the NCHA can put together better officials. Cornell can then play in the new league.

  5. forever sioux

    This coach seems to be a stand up guy. WCHA officials make some horrid calls. I have watched them make terrible calls against the Sioux and against Sioux opponents so many times over the years. A play deemed not a penalty midway through the 1st period will be called a penalty midway through the 2nd period. There never seems to be any consistancy. Here’s hoping the NCHC can find a better group of people to officiate their games next year.

  6. Sioux1

    Siouxaviator…you obviously didnt watch the games against Maine that were referred to. Imof the thinking you dont call a penalty on someone when the player involved didnt come withina few feet of contact or you wont be controling a game at all but merely ticking them offleading to cheapshots and dirty play. It would be one thing to happen once in awhile but it was frequent in that series. If thats good officiating, i hope we never see good officiating.

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