It’s Time Again – North Dakota-Minnesota

In honor of the last North Dakota-Minnesota series as WCHA rivals, here’s your scrum of the day.

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    1. Roger Federer

      What do you know….the Gophers aren’t terrible finally, and now all the trolls are out in full force.

      Where were you the last 4-5 years?

      1. Bruno

        Ah. yea. The point is probably that there seems to be a preoccupation with scrums in North Dakota – Gophers hockey coverage relative to elsewhere.

          1. Bruno

            Huh. that is funny; as I recall the Gophers have something called a rivalry with a team from Wisconsin. Yet, the WI fans and media do not seem preoccupied with scrums. Are you sure you’ve got your definitaion of rivalry right? …Maybe by your view it has to include one of teh teams lacking sprotsmanship and respect for the game – because that is not present in the Gopher – Badger rivalry.

          2. Joker

            Lacking sportsmanship and respect? Is that your term for attacking Pony when he laid out Wehrs in the corner? The gophers are a joke…it’s funny when UND stands up to them and doesn’t bow down like every other college hockey team and then we are considered unsportsmanlike. No one plays with more of an edge than UND, and the gophers don’t like it and can’t compete with it. They get in their little pileups and get in group scrums, but they never do anything. Tony Lucia was the last gopher to stand up to UND when he took down Zajac a few years ago; I would rather have a guy like Mario Lamoureux who is willing to fight for his squad and plays with passion and heart than anyone on the current gopher roster.

    2. Nebsioux

      There are sports where people can’t touch each other. Basketball and figure skating may be more to your liking.

    1. brent

      thanks for the energy starter as if sioux fans needed it – but appreciated…should be a great series with a few “scrums” along the way this weekend..makes good hockey turn to great hockey. this isnt ping pong – hockey is a contact sport – bring it on gophers

  1. Blackheart

    Watching the video above tells you all you need to know about the Gofers…why take someone on one-on-one when you can have a teammate or two jump in to help…oh, and a stick across the opponents throat is always an effective move. (Sea-piss). Dirty Gofers!

  2. Stone

    Good clean hit by Pony. Cepis is such a little wiener. Trying to come after whoever won’t knock him down. How did he not get ejected for having his stick across Mac’s throat??? I bet Mr. Wehrs still has nightmares about that corner. His look on his face as he sits on the ice after being destroyed says it all. Boy do I miss Brett Hextall.

  3. LetsGoSioux!

    “Kevin Wehrs will never go in that corner again!” -Pat Sweeney. I sure do miss Pat. Keep your head up Gophers….

    1. Pa Sioux Fan

      Sioux vs Gophers gets the blood flowing, but lets don’t get on Tyler Hirsch. The young man was sick and hopefully he is well now. That was pretty classless, enough said about that. Sioux fans have more CLASS than that.

      1. Bruno

        I agree. It is this sort of crap that gives UND fans a bad name – and there never seems to be any shortage of it.

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