UND Sports Zone Show: UND Vs. Minnesota Preview

Join Herald sports writers Brad Elliott Schlossman, Tom Miller and Wayne Nelson as they talk UND sports.

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  1. Sioux Fan

    Wow am I getting pumped up for this series! Have tickets for both nights and will be wearing the green all weekend, including tonight’s Wild scrimmage… Tonight will definitely get the hockey blood going in preparation for this weekend. Always my favorite week if the year 🙂
    I call it sioux-gopher holiday week. Almost better than Christmas. Oh wait, it might be lol

    1. KG

      I believe teams nominate their players that they want up for the award. UND only nominated Knight since both players would probably take votes from each other.

      1. Kroger

        I’m sure off the ice escapades don’t help either. Being suspended for two games to start the year doesn’t really demonstrate the high character the final voters like. From what I hear, Knight demonstrates good character off the ice and in the classroom.

  2. Trickey7

    Both guys (Kristo and Knight) are playing awfully well. Danny looks like a dominant player right now. Hope he has matured and sticks to his game this weekend back in MSP. Tends to play a bit more chippy against UM and that doesn’t suit his game. I think he is the best player in college hockey right now! Seems he always creates his own shot or sets up a scoring chance nearly every time he touches the puck. I will go buy a broom if we get Friday night!

    1. GoSioux

      I haven’t always been a Kristo fan–probably because I saw this kid with so much potential not playing up to it–but, I am really loving his game this year. Staying for his senior year was the smartest thing he has ever done. He has picked up his game and along with the skills we always knew he had, he has really turned into a complete player. On that same note, I think he would have had a hard time winning the Hobey due to some of his off ice discretions. I am glad to see Knight up for it though. He has always been such a classy player and I don’t think I have every heard or seen anyone say anything negative about him. This weekend is going to be a fun one to watch!

  3. Tim

    Remember to vote for Corbin Knight at vote for hobey. As it is this afternoon Knight is down more than 200 votes. Johnny G. of Boston College is ahead. Let others know to vote for Knight. And be sure to let everyone know that the voting is an everyday appiontment. Lets show our solid fan support!
    Go Sioux!

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