Weekly Wednesday Update

UND has just one loss in the last nine games, but the team isn’t completely satisfied with its play as of late.

That was one of the topics this week at the press conferences. You can watch Dave Hakstol, Danny Kristo and Joe Gleason here.

Oh yeah, another topic was this weekend’s matchup.

UND is playing Minnesota this weekend in the final WCHA series between the teams before they split off into new leagues next season. Ticket prices are high. The drama is high (top two winning percentage teams in WCHA).

So, can UND go to Mariucci Arena and get some points — something it failed to do last season? The players say they’ve had a team meeting and they’ve discussed that they need to be better for that to happen. Read what they are saying here.

I sense that there’s a good chance UND leaves Mitch MacMillan up on the top line, but there will be a bunch of other changes. UND has been trying out a ton of different things with MacMillan and Michael Parks becoming available.

If Derek Rodwell is available this weekend, that adds another option for the staff. They’ve been happy with the way the fourth line has been playing. But if you remember before Christmas, Rodwell was playing well on that unit, too.

With Erik Haula practicing all week for Minnesota, you have to guess that he’ll be in the lineup Friday. He’s the only question mark for the Gophers.

Also in today’s Herald, there’s a story about Grand Forks native Grant Potulny, who is fitting in as a coach at Minnesota. Coach Don Lucia said Potulny “reminds me of myself when I was that age.” Lucia also said Potulny has taken on more responsibilities as the years have passed. Read about Potulny here.

In a strange development, Minnesota declined to make any players (or Potulny) available for phone interviews this week. This is the first time they’ve done this since I’ve been covering the college hockey.

I remember in 2005-06 they declined to make Phil Kessel available, and they’ve had their no-freshmen-can-talk-in-the-first-month rule the last couple of years, but never a full out shut down like this. I’m not sure if this is a North Dakota week thing or if this is the new routine, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

So, we’ll have to wait for the Twin Cities papers to see what the Minnesota players are saying about this weekend’s series (nothing has been posted yet, but Wednesday is their usual media availability day).

I’m currently trying to catch up with some former players on both sides of the rivalry to give some memories and give their thoughts about the rivalry going dormant for a few years. I’ll relay those in Friday’s paper.

This week’s Q&A will be with Chris Porter, who scored one of the memorable goals in North Dakota-Minnesota history. Porter is currently playing for the St. Louis Blues with former UND teammates Taylor Chorney and T.J. Oshie.

The Sioux jersey tournament that I’ve been following is down to a Final Four. Go check them out here, submit your vote and we’ll see which jerseys advance to the championship (and which one will be crowned the best Sioux jersey ever).

If you wish to re-read our live chat, check it out below. I apologize if my responses weren’t very good. I was multi-tasking this week.

13 Responses

  1. Siouxguy

    Brad, was just wondering if you can shed any light on how much pull Dave Hakstol has in scheduling. Sounds like he has tried to make accomodations to play Minnesota, or is that just the Administration that is pushing the scheduling?

    1. Andy

      He has tried to make accomodations to get MN scheduled but by the sounds of it Lucia and the Goofers do not want to play us as often. Every 2 years is what Lucia wants. That is crazy!! How could you let go of the biggest rivalry in College Hockey??!! At least Hakstol was pushing for more of a consistant schedule with MN. We will see how it all plays out.

  2. Marcus

    Someone asked that question in one of the game chats and the UND Sports Information Director said Hakstol does the scheduling but Faison has to approve.

    Don Lucia swapped one UND for the other (Notre Dame) as its his alma mater and his son currently plays there.

  3. Andy

    What is your prediction for this weekend? Split or Sweep? I say MN will sweep them. The D is to weak and they dont challenge there guy when they enter the zone

        1. Joker

          I see a split or a 3pt weekend…the Sioux can do it, they just need to step up BIG. With almost everyone back and healthy, lineup decisions are going to be tough and we are going to need an all start showing from the D corp and Saunders/Goth

  4. Sid H.


    Were there reasons as to why no Minnesota players were made available? For a school and fanbase that prides themselves on “class”, this is completely classless.

  5. Maple Grove Sioux

    From perusing the Twin Cities paper coverage, it doesn’t look like any of the players were interviewed locally either.

  6. KoolGuy

    I think UND and Minnesota should have some sort of an annual game that they play every year. Sort of what UND and NDSU used to do in football. Keep the rivalry going and it makes that one game even more special. Plus it only uses up one non-conference game, since that’s what Lucia is so worried about.

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