Gameday Final: SCSU 3, UND 1

TONIGHT’S VIEWING: MidcoSN, DirecTV 623, FCS Central. Webcast at Lineup notes: Panzarella in for Mattson, Gothberg starting in net. Full lines and live chat are below.

First period

SCSU 1, UND 0 — Jonny Brodzinski (Jimmy Murray, Ethan Prow) 4:15. A loose puck comes out to the right circle, where Brodzinski throws a blind turnaround shot on net. It hits Gothberg’s arm and goes in. It’s one that Gothberg probably wants back.

SCSU 2, UND 0 — Ben Hanowski (Kalle Kossila) 16:36. Kossila comes out of the corner with the puck and finds Hanowski on top of the crease. Hanowski has his back to the goal, but turns around and snaps it inside the post.

Second period

No scoring.

Third period

SCSU 3, UND 0 — Jonny Brodzinski (Nic Dowd, Jimmy Murray) 7:35. Brodzinski gets the puck in the left circle and snaps a wrister off the far post and in.

SCSU 3, UND 1 — Rocco Grimaldi (Carter Rowney, Zane Gothberg) 13:49 (pp). Grimaldi and Rowney execute a give-and-go. Grimaldi enters the zone, leaves it for Rowney at the top of the circle and drives the net. Rowney gets it back to Grimaldi, who re-directs it past Faragher.

UND’s lines

25 Mitch MacMillan–10 Corban Knight–7 Danny Kristo
16 Mark MacMillan–27 Carter Rowney–15 Michael Parks
9 Drake Caggiula–28 Stephane Pattyn–19 Rocco Grimaldi
8 Dan Senkbeil–17 Colten St. Clair–11 Derek Rodwell

2 Andrew MacWilliam–20 Joe Gleason
18 Dillon Simpson–22 Andrew Panzarella
4 Derek Forbort–24 Jordan Schmaltz

31 Zane Gothberg
33 Clarke Saunders
35 Tate Maris

St. Cloud State’s lines

10 Ben Hanowski–19 Drew LeBlanc–11 Kalle Kossila
16 Jimmy Murray–26 Nic Dowd–22 Jonny Brodzinski
37 Joe Rehkamp–8 Cory Thorson–21 Brooks Bertsch
9 Joey Benik–13 David Morley–17 Joey Holka

28 Andrew Prochno–14 Nick Jensen
7 Kevin Gravel–12 Ethan Prow
40 Tim Daly–4 Taylor Johnson

29 Ryan Faragher
33 Joseph Phillippi

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  1. Sioux4ever

    Out of all of the Sioux games I have watched, that was by far the worst game I have ever seen. Were they drunk or something? The D need to put more preasure on people and the team needs to stop standing and watching the puck. Pick up a guy. St. Cloud had all the time they wanted on the powerplay. No preasure what so ever on them.

    1. JB

      You’re on to something there as Minnesota lost too! Wish the goofs would have played that way last weekend. There’s something to be said about teams bringing their “A” game when they play the Sioux. They’re a target in the WCHA. Get into the tourney and it’s anyone’s time!

  2. JB

    I think this is what we need to spark the second half run. I like that it comes later this year than years past. There’s always a game that we look back on and say that was the low point. Hopefully this team can spark from this and peak in early April!!

  3. blah blah blah

    Kick Gothberg off the team!

    Fire Hakstol!

    So far this year, the Sioux haven’t put 2 games against the same opponent together if the opponent has a winning record. This is a PROBLEM. Still time left of course, but this can’t happen if we want to go far.

    I agree with Gothberg getting the start today. Saunders didn’t do well vs. Minnesota and Gothberg, though not stellar, played a bit better. SCSU is playing like they have something to prove. UND needs to play like they have to put SCSU back in its place.

    1. JB

      I agree there’s a problem if UND can’t rebound tomorrow night. Goaltending is starting to look like an issue as well. It definitely becomes more noticeable this year as the defense looks weaker than recent memory allows. Good thing is that they sit well in the PWR and there is a lot of season left. Tomorrow night will tell us fans a lot about the makeup and leadership of this team.

  4. Andy

    Yes its time for Hakstol to go! The team has had the same mentality for the past 6+ yrs…. They have a tendancy to play flat and not try very hard. Its like they have no heart for the team. This attitude has been consistent through almost all of Hakstols tenure. It will never change because it rubs off on the lower classmen that come in. Plus Hakstol can never get it done in the National Tournament…. Why because they always play flat and they are lazy and those are huge games! The attitude will never change if Hakstol doesnt leave!!! Believe its time to shake things up after this year and find a new coach. All year and especially tonight was not the way Sioux hockey is played! Pretty sad when the fans are booing them after the 2nd period!! I was sitting in the section behind the Sioux bench and all game long people were yelling at Hakstol calling him out on his coaching and telling him “This is not Sioux Hockey”. Hakstol was shaking his head at some of the comments that was said to him. Its time for a change

    1. Viking1

      Indeed, I’m sure Mr Hakstol was paying EXTREMELY close attention to whatever oratory gems you drunks were spewing out of your drooling gullets. “That was said to him” ? LOL….. 🙂

  5. C'mon man

    With the exception of the 2007 Frozen Four game vs BC…worst “effort” I’ve seen from a Sioux team in my 20 years of watching. And that’s not an overreaction to a bad game.

    1. Mac has lost his toughness. I don’t care if he takes the occasional penalty because of it, but he needs to show the physical presence we’ve come to expect.
    2. Besides being a senior, why is Rowney wearing a letter? I’ve seen nothing of note from this season.
    3. Toughness from anyone?

    I think this could, should and will spark something…it better.

    Let’s get it going Sioux!

    Sincerely, a shocked and discounted fan.

  6. Crow eater!

    So, we got ripped by the team we called th otown clowns, the team we argued wasn’t good enough to be in the National, the team we said wasn’t good enough to be our natural rivals! Wow, who the hell are we? Something is definitely lacking in our coaching ability as I have rarely seen a ND team not be able to rebound from such flat play. One would think that the staff would have inspired them to step up, I didn’t see it! Might have to digress to the days of Rube to see such a good collection of talent play so far below their abilities!

  7. Boomer

    Give these guys a break.These players bust their butts in practice just to get into the lineup,travel,and go to class.They are student athletes and not professionals.The hockey season is marathon and not a sprint.Let the coaches coach the players play and enjoy the season.Go UND!

  8. EdinaSiouxFan

    Well said Boomer. I agree. These are student athletes first and foremost. We go to games and watch games to support our University. Fire Hak? Seriously? He runs a clean program that encourages accountability and academics. Exactly the point of a college coach. He has one of the best records in hockey so not only does he care for the student side but he also takes care of the hockey side of things.

    We lost. We looked tired. Same as the gophers who came out just as flat. Sports hangovers happen. Move on. It’s a new day. Losses happen and those don’t define you.

  9. Dundeen

    I think if gothberg could just play the first half of the game like he does the second, then there would be no contest in the nets.

  10. Yajji

    Yes, it was a tough one to watch… Don’t forget St Cloud is a quality team… And lastly, don’t panic yet… Every team has a complete stinker every now and then… Lets see what kind of character this team has by watching them tonight!

  11. EdinaSiouxFan

    “The first and second periods, we were sloppy. We couldn’t string together consecutive shifts and get a rhythm going. We didn’t block a lot of shots or get the puck out of the zone.” (Star Tribune)

    Sound like a sioux quote about our game last night? Nope. A gopher player talking about their game. They had the same hockey hangover yet no where to be found are comments attacking certain players, fire Lucia, or anything. Their fans remain confident. Can’t we?

    1. what?

      Yeah right, maybe if we were #1 in the nation and just got 3/4 points from our biggest rival we could have that sugar coated attitude you want us to.

  12. Jim Brandt

    Everyone relax. We don’t want to peak yet anyway. I think you have to give Saunders a start. I think Gothberg was solid, not exceptional, save the fluke first goal. Panzerella has played little this year so not playing on a consistent basis has to be hard to develop chemistry with your D-partner. Give him more time. I liked Caggiula on the top line earlier this year, move Rocco up with McMillin and Parks and Rowney to center St. Clair and Mitch McMillin on the 3rd. And get the three bruisers back together on the 4th line. If someone doesn’t walk the line, move up Gaarder, or O’donnel. Wow , I solved all the ill’s, now go out and win a championship! 🙂

  13. Hanowski wide open many times come on —– one of the highest scorers in the country . look at the videos of Minn $ St Cloud, and see how D is played Pro coach B>S> Eades was too intense ??? shoot the puck.

  14. firg voss reporting

    tens years into rea and this by far the least talented team in those ten years…ralph would not be happy with his investment!!!

  15. EdinaSiouxFan

    That least talented team is a top 10 team in the country. Plus, Ralph was supportive no matter what. That’s what made him such a great fan. We never heard him rip the team, the coach or the anyone associated with the program. As a former player, he knew how hard the team worked and all the things that had to come together perfectly for success. Thanks for bringing up Ralph. Maybe you could learn from him

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