Frattin off to strong start

Matt Frattin got sent down to start the season and missed the first three games. He has played in the last three with the Leafs and is already the team’s leading goal scorer and is one point shy of leading the team in overall scoring.

He got there thanks to his two-goal performance Tuesday night, which included his overtime winner with less than two seconds remaining. The video is below.

14 thoughts on “Frattin off to strong start

    • And it was a former spartan in net…. one who happened to steal the Hobey Baker from Jeff Panzer

  1. It’s still nice to see former Sioux walk around Gopher’s (Hobey Baker winner). I don’t think that site will ever get old.

  2. I liked how he kept his celebration pretty controlled, no over jubilation. Just like when he played at ND.

  3. Good to see him playing well. I don’t get the games, just read up on the former Sioux but like the highlights up on the blog. Thanks Brad

    • He turned his life around and is prospering because of it, while you are stuck with a moniker of the worst ref/refs in college hockey.

  4. Leopold should have shown him the jersey pop, must have been hard for Jordan transitioning to jerseys without handles.

  5. Wow, i guess if thats what you got you ride it. A former sioux beat a former gopher? Life is great isnt it.

    • UND has produced Matt Frattin, Jon Toews, TJ Oshie, Drew Stafford, Zach Parise, Matt Greene

      what impact players do the Gophers have in the NHL? Vanek and Kessel?

      Which would you pick if you were a blue chip prospect?

      yep life is great.

  6. I think its sad that und hockey is your whole life. The current team isnt giving you the ego boost you need so you get off on a defenseman getting beat.

    • i think it’s sad that und hockey is YOUR whole life.

      why are you posting on a und hockey website?

  7. Kind of fun wathcing Matt doing what he did so many times for UND. In the same general area that he scored so many crutial goals for us. I notice he scored the game winner in the 3rd today against Washington too! Our team this year really misses the type of snipers that we’ve had in the past, and Matt was one of the best!

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