Midco To Broadcast The Outdoor Game

Good news for fans in the area who are not making the trip to Omaha.

The outdoor game next Saturday will be broadcast by Midco Sports Network. The game begins at 4 p.m. Friday night’s game starts at 6:37 p.m. and will be on NBC Sports Network.

They have started work on putting up the outdoor rink and look for a bunch of stories to come on that game soon.

I’ve talked to a lot of fans who say they are making the trip, so there should be a large contingent of UND fans there. I’ll try to get some details on where to tailgate, etc., early next week.

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  1. Matt

    Since Midco is picking up the game, does that mean there will be a webcast through UND for those of us that don’t get MidCo?

  2. JB

    Glad to hear they are picking up the game but I always wonder why they announce it one week before the event? That’s got to piss people off that pay big bucks to travel to watch because at the time there is no broadcast planned. I am not a fan of outdoor games so I will not be going. There have been times in the past where I have traveled to SCSU and Duluth only to find out that Midco picked up the broadcast last minute. You have to think a company the size of Midco would have a little more foresight than what they show.

    1. Jayson Hajdu

      The outdoor game is not being produced by Midco Sports Network; it is being produced by Cox Communications in Omaha. Midco purchased the rights to pick up the feed to allow the fans in its viewing area the chance to watch the game, and they had been working on it for quite some time.

      1. JB

        Really? Working on it for quite a while huh? How would one know then that it being televised was even a possibility? I asked on siouxsports numerous times trying to find out but apparently these TV deals are top secret until they are finalized.

  3. Christian13

    This is very good news! Any indication if this will be picked up on Fox College Sports like the regular Midco Broadcasts?

  4. goo

    (from Omaha) a TON of people are going and many bought grouped seats in big numbers. This is going to be huge for College Hockey in Omaha – I hope it can become an annual thing.

  5. Jerry

    Brad… Pregame for both Omaha games are at the MAT(Mattress Factory a few blocks from both games)…. UND Alumni throwing it on

  6. Sioux1

    Because Midco should have a blog informing people of every discussion they ever have that just might interest JB a poster on a hockey blog. I can see where you would feel that would be a top priority for them.

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