A Cold, Windy, Snowy Practice

It was snowing and windy when the team hit the ice at Riverside Park this afternoon for an unconventional outdoor practice.

The team was on the ice for about 45 minutes scrimmaging and doing a drill, while several fans stopped by to watch.

For a full story on the practice, including some great photos from Eric Hylden, check out the Herald site here. How can you not love the classic photo of Clarke Saunders returning back to The Ralph from practice?

The temps will be vastly different in Omaha this week. In fact, the forecast is for upper 40s on Saturday. How will that affect the game and the ice?

According to the president of the Omaha Sports Commission, it will not. But the potential of rain is something to watch. This story details how weather could affect the game and what the backup plan would be in case of a downpour. Read it here.

A couple notable things people have asked about:

  • Alcohol will be served at the game.
  • Fans will be allowed to tailgate in the parking lot at the stadium.
  • Much of the lower deck is actually covered by the upper deck, so if there is a drizzle, you will be covered. Watch the weather forecast as it could change (and already has since yesterday).
  • Fans will be allowed to leave the stadium once per game.
  • There will be special merchandise for the game.
  • If you have any other questions let me know and I will try to get them answered.

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  1. FargoSiouxFan

    Brad – Can you confirm Friday night’s game time. Some sites show 7:37 while ticketmaster says it’s a 6:37 start.

  2. me

    Thanks Brad. The WX has said everyday for the last week that it will get into the low 40s, but hasnt broken 31. Nuts. Thats like a coach that keeps his job with a loosing season.

  3. Mike

    Oh no! I see they’ll reschedule the game to be outdoors on Sunday, if it’s unplayable on Saturday. Is that true? What kind of fan attendance are they expecting then? I know my flight home is on Sunday afternoon along with several other people, so I certainly hope that’s not the case. I guess I’d rather see it moved indoors and played on Saturday.

      1. North Dakota

        You can read it in the link “Read It Here” above in the article. In the article it says, “In the case of a downpour, the game could be delayed. If the rink is unplayable for the whole day, the backup plan is to hold the game outdoors Sunday.”

  4. OmahaSioux

    For those that are curious, the weather report on the radio this morning here in Omaha said the rain on Saturday shouldn’t come until later in the night and into Sunday. So hopefully they should be able to get in the game as scheduled.

  5. Mitch

    I heard the outdoor game is on tv, or is that just in Omaha? Hopefully the Herald sends down Brad and a photographer to cover the game? Looking forward to seeing some pics of the setup.

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