Bismarck Century Player Scores Highlight Goal

Bismarck Century senior Alec Rauhauser, an uncommitted player who is ranked No. 196 among North American draft-eligible skaters by the NHL’s Central Scouting Bureau, scored a highlight goal tonight against Bismarck High.

Rauhauser is naturally a defenseman, but has been playing forward for the Patriots this season. He is their top scorer with 45 points in 19 games.

7 Responses

    1. Munch

      As far as their defense goes they were on the PK so I’ll cut them a little bit of slack, but not much. Either way, it wasn’t much of a box and the goalie didn’t hug the post.

    1. Hack

      This same team from the west, Bismarck High, that he scored on just owned the #2 seed from the east 4 to 1 on Saturday night.

    2. Bored?

      You’re right the east does have a much higher quality of hockey. The east, year after year, has all those high prospects and NHL draft picks. Oh wait, they don’t either. East hockey is as irrelevant as west hockey!

      Should i say the west is bored in every other sport other then hockey?

  1. SiouxperKev

    I’ll give him props!! Sweet move against anyone. Hell… I couldn’t THROW it in left (opposite) handed.

  2. hockeyfan

    In response to Bored, Paul ladue, from grand forks central, drafted in 2012 by LA. Luke Johnson also from Central, rated A on central scouting, projected first or second rounder, Keaton Thompson from Devils lake, also an A playing for the National development team. Jacob Benson for grand forks red River, just committed to play for st. Cloud huskies. Know your stuff before u post stupid things

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