Jim Cornelison To Sing Anthem On Saturday

Renowned anthem singer Jim Cornelison will sing the national anthem on Saturday before the outdoor game between North Dakota and Nebraska Omaha at T.D. Ameritrade Park.

Cornelison usually sings for the Chicago Blackhawks. If you are not aware of his work, a clip is below.

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  1. Andy

    Why would anyone yell Sioux at the end of the national anthem when they are not at home?? Really make ND people look dumb lol.

    1. Blackheart

      If you were a Sioux fan at a road game I’d be embarassed for you if you didn’t yell ‘Sioux’ at the end of the national anthem…cripes, go to Mankato sometime when the Sioux are there; it’s almost a home game…

      1. Sioux4ever

        Some people call themselves fans….. the same can be said about the end of the anthem at CC and Denver. Looking forward to yelling it in 2 weeks here in Denver. GO SIOUX!

  2. StuckDownSouth

    I hope everyone there knows that they have to clap and cheer as loud as they can for the entire time he is singing. It’s kinda his thing… or at least it is because of where he usually does his gig.

  3. dave

    I like how ND fans think it is all right for them to say at the end the National Anthem, “home of the sioux”. I look at it as being disrespectful towards the National Anthem and the Native Americans who do not like the word Sioiux being used.

  4. Beaz


    Go visit some pc site, clown. Give me a break.

    That video is awesome and I love it when he does the Blackhawk home games too. Awesome.

  5. Beaz

    One more thing, Dave. Seriously, do you spend time on an opposition’s website and troll? I barely have enough time in a day to waste time reading about my favorite sports team, you know, NORTH DAKOTA FIGHTING SIOUX hockey. I know I don’t have enough time to troll opposition sites, like GPL.

    My suggestion is to get a life bro, or at least a job. Judas. Move out of mom’s basement perhaps. Best of luck.

    Oh, and Go SIOUX!

  6. 92Sioux

    Watching Cornelison sing the anthem on TV before every Blackhawks game is very moving. Experiencing it live at the United Center with a packed house is utterly amazing and unforgettable. What a great idea to get him to Omaha to sing – he’s the best in the business.

  7. Sioux Fan

    Ya Dave! I thought brave and the Sioux went hand in hand and do not find it disrespectful at all. Just another tradition non-Sioux fans don’t understand and will try and take away! That’s ok though, your entitled to your own opinion I guess

  8. Jason

    And this is good news? For me this guy is exhibit A as to why the National Anthem should not be sung at every sporting event.

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