TV Programming Note

Today’s outdoor game between UND and Nebraska Omaha will be on Midco Sports Network for Midcontinent Cable subscribers only.

The UND game is set to begin at 4 p.m. However, if the UND women’s basketball game against Montana is still in progress, the outdoor game broadcast will begin on Midco Channel 323.

The game is NOT on DirecTV or Dish.

There is a webcast available at

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  1. JC

    Hey Brad – are there still those “Free to Air” (I think that term is right or close) broadcasts that happen for these college hockey games or has that went by the wayside with packages like FCS, CBSCS, and NBCSPN being spawned? Just curious if a place like Joe Senser’s in Minneapolis may still have a chance at getting a satellite feed due to this not being on Comcast/DirecTV/Dish. If you don’t know it’s no worry – just thought I’d ask…

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